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09:30 AM to 07:00 PM

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Best Activity Park In Gurgaon

AapnoGhar Resort is one unique combination of excitement and contentment. With the AapnoGhar amusement park, we go back to an era of local entertainment in natural splendours of a modern village. With numerous ride and swing options accompanied by various adventure activities, the mouth watering food variety and the cultural fusion in the ambience, the pleasure ground brings happiness to all age groups. The adventurous ones would choose to experience joyrides, turning up and down, dwindling side to side and others could enjoy the happy faces, music, food and warmth under the open sky.

The fun retreat in Gurugram on way to Jaipur is a great option for picnics, fun and entertainment with family.

Note :- Stag Entry not allowed in Water Park and Amusement Park.

18+ Adventurous Activities

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AapnoGhar Resort Water Park and Amusement Park , the city of joy is the ideal expression of a beautiful and unequalled dream world.

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