With major celebrities and public figures tying the knot in the recent years, one may officially call 2019 the year of fancy weddings. Without blabbering any further, let us just jump straight into the on-going wedding trends and how you may incorporate it into your own wedding.

1.Time to go back to our heritage

With Priyanka Chopra getting married in the magnificent palace of Jodhpur, it has most definitely turned into a global trend. Along with that, the destination wedding trend is also quite major this year.

How to do it: Places like Gurgaon have breathtakingly beautiful heritage destination wedding resorts. There are 3 major things which make this place our hot favourite.

  • You can find places which are super experienced in conducting destination weddings.
  • It isn’t a thousand miles away from the airport and conveyance is buttery smooth.
  • Delhi Airport is the juncture and flights from every possible cornerif the world land here. So, your guests would not have to go through the trouble of connecting flights.
2. Innovative Wedding Favours

We are in 2019, and we aren’t doing boxes of mithai anymore. Thinking out of the box for wedding favours is all the rage.

How to do it: Some of our innovative ideas that can inspire you are –

  • Pretty pots of succulent. They look beautiful, are low maintenance and a great green initiative.
  • Quality perfume.
  • Brooches and cufflinks.
  • Coffee and cookies. Not the instant kind please.
  • A basket of fruits for a healthier alternative for sweets. We are all about making healthy choices in 2019.
  • Unisex skincare products like rose water mist, moisturizer, etc.
  • A set of essential oils. Nothing speaks more multipurpose.
3. Eco-friendly wedding

While eco-friendly weddings are still a trend in 2019, we hope it turns into a norm in the near future. If you ask us, this is our favourite trend this season.

How to do it: If you think it is nearly impossible to have such a grand affair in an eco-friendly manner, then here are some of our tips to do it with flying colours.

  • Replace plastic flowers with real ones. They look and smell much better.
  • You can also use colourful cloth for decoration
  • Try sending digital invitations instead of the traditional ones.
  • Replace plastic cutlery with terracotta, ceramic, glass or brass cutlery.
4. Insta worthy photos

Trending on social media is arguably the biggest trend of all in our modern times. One of the eye-catching styles of photography is drone photography.

How to do it:To be a hit on Instagram with photos, here are some easy to follow ways to get it right.

  • Create a fun hashtag for your wedding on Instagram.
  • Have a good chat with your photographer about every possible detail.
  • Ask the resort conducting your destination wedding in Gurgaon to set up props and stalls in the venue just for taking pretty pictures.

These tips and tricks will surely make you wedding a memory you will cherish for years to come not just for you but also for your friends and family.

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