When planning a corporate event, it is essential to be practical, organized, and efficient in regards to all the bookings, deadlines, and research that go into building an affair. Party planning certainly takes patience and time, but if you know how to select the right venue for your event, it can right away make the procedure easier and more pleasant.

With a corporate audience, the event needs to create chances for team building, networking, and collaboration, so that employees can style tighter bonds and learn how to work together effectively within the company. Mentioned below are some tips for selecting the right venue, so that your event is stimulating to guests and run as effortlessly as possible.

If looking for some cool venues for corporate party, then it is important to go through the below mentioned points:

Look for a space that fits your schedule

Find out the type of layout that the venue offers. It is effortless to see when a space is too small, but a space that is too big is equally challenging. Even if you have complete attendance, it will feel half vacant, and your occasion will lose its charm.


The place of the event venue is of great importance for making the most of event attendance. Before finding out the location, make sure that transportation is available to the site readily so that visitors can arrive easily by automobile, rail or air. Also, verify that there are valet services or ample parking for attendees.


In addition, ensure that there are bistros or other attractions close by to increase additional event networking opportunities.

Focus on acoustics

When looking for corporate party cool venues, the acoustics of your space can affect your event more than you may understand. Aesthetics are vital and tiled floor, for instance, might look cool but can impact sound. After the music starts playing and the talking starts, your guests may find themselves yelling so as to listen to each other — unnecessary to say, such a condition would be exhausting, frustrating and uncomfortable. It is always better to talk to your contact about the acoustics during past events as they might be able to share audio and/or video clips as an example.


After you find out if the venue is available, check to see if the other spaces are available as well. Ensure to find out if this is the locale’s peak season. This will influence the quantity of traffic in the general spaces and might preclude event networking opportunities.


Find out the attendee to venue staff proportion to find out if there will be adequate wait staff, security, and concierge support for your event. You will be busy during event day, so check if there is an on-site devoted venue coordinator or designee to help with any problems that arise. Also, see if the staff will assist you with promoting or on boarding and surveys your event app to your attendees.

When finalizing on corporate party resorts in Gurgaon, make sure that you keep the above-mentioned points in mind.

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