Come summers, and we are all ready to feel the unbridled brunt of the tropical sun. Water park enjoyment seems like an escape we crave everyday during this time of the year. They are super fun, and the cooling water feels all the more refreshing in the heat. However, these parks, like any other public space, meant for enjoyment and entertainment can be a potential health hazard. Hence, here are some of our tips and tricks to have a great trip to the best water park in Gurgaon.

1.Pack your swimsuit with caution

Bringing your own swimsuit, instead of renting it from the park, can definitely save you some coins and get you pretty pictures for Instagram. However, keep in mind the rules and regulation of the park regarding the costume. Some parks do not allow metal zips and embellishment that might get stuck on rides or damages them.

2. Sun protection is key

Summer in Gurugram equates to severe sun damage if not protected well. You should focus mainly on the following 2 areas –

  • Eyes – Long exposure to the harsh rays can be very uncomfortable for the eyes and detrimental in the long run. Apart from that, the chlorine water from the pools is definitely going to get into the eyes if they aren’t protected. So, we recommend swimming goggles when you are in the water and shades if you decide to relax by the pool.
  • Skin – You do not want to come home with severe sunburn after an exciting day at the water park. Shield yourself from the cancerous rays of the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. It should be waterproof and be applied every few hours for optimum results. Try to reach every tiny corner of your exposed legs, arms and face like behind the ear, between the finger, etc.

3. Visors are for the wise

Something that is super trendy and functional at the same time is visors. They will not ruin your hairstyle and will give your face and eyes some much-needed shade from the sun.

4. Protect yourself from the chlorine

Massage a good quantity of coconut oil on your entire body before slathering on a generous layer of sunscreen. It is also advisable to oil your hair lightly before hitting the chlorine-dense water of the park. While chlorine keeps the water sanitized, it can completely dry out your hair and skin. You should also take a good shower before jumping in the pool. When the skin is saturated with water already, it is less likely to absorb a lot of chlorine.

5. Try to get a map

The water parks have a multitude of rides, and there is something for everybody. So, you got to find your something. So, try to get your hands on a map of the park at first, and then plan what are the rides you want go on first.

Enjoyment in Water Park can be enhanced manifold with these simple tips and tricks and by having a clear plan in your head.

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