A relaxing getaway feels incomplete without a stay at a luxury hotel. But let’s be honest, luxury hotelscan be quite a blow to your bank balance. Are you curious to know what makes these luxury accommodations in Gurgaon expensive but also worth every penny you spend? Well, here are 6 essentials and experiences you will be offered in these beautiful hotels that will make you come back for more.

A Sleep like Sleeping Beauty’s

A good night’s sleep becomes all the more important after the weary air travelling. It rejuvenates your spirits and makes you wake up refreshed with enough energy to conquer a thousand business meetings or go on a grilling hike. Luxury hotels make sure that you sleep like a baby in their king size beds with the perfect mattress and luxurious linens to snooze in.

A gym to keep your fitness game strong

There is nothing like the endorphins from exercise to cheer your mood and fill you with robust energy to do as many fun activities as you wish for the rest of the day without slacking. The fitness centres in luxury hotels are paradise for fitness freaks with every kind of equipment in their arsenal to work all your muscles.

A room full of freshness

We have all been to cheap hotel rooms which smell stale at least once in our lives. You can expect to live like a king when you choose to live in a room of a luxury hotel. So, there is no question of stale air. Moreover, you can have the temperature and even moisture level in the room according to your exact preference. The essential oil diffusers often fill the room with a fragrance you love.

Their unique experiences

Most luxury hotels have something unique to offer. While some will give you a chance to cool off in a breath-taking infinity pool, others will give you a massage or spa experience you can only dream of. Their unique experiences are what make luxury hotels luxurious.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, especially, for the zealous travellers. Luxury hotels have made a name in the dining scene and their breakfast is no exception. You will be served with the most amazing menu for breakfast and the best part is that it remains complimentary.

Perfect Housekeeping

Often an ignored topic when it comes to hotels but good housekeeping is an absolute necessity. The staff should do their job perfectly with by creating absolute zero disturbance to the guest. They should also be very dependable and honest at their work. One of the most luxury hotel expectations is that they use very safe chemicals and detergents to clean, so there is no chance of an allergic reaction popping up on the skin of their valued guest.

One of our hotel recommendations is Aapnoghar in Gurgaon, which, undoubtedly, delivers the expectations from luxury hotels and much more. So, if you happen to be visiting the area soon, have your luxury room booked.

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