Most of us plan of having a dreamy wedding ever since we are teenagers. While our young minds have our dresses, makeup and shoes planned in our head, an essential element often escaped our mind. The wedding venue! Come time, we have no clue about how to find the perfect one for taking the vows. So, we have come with these tips for choosing a wedding venue.

Plan your budget

Even before looking for places, the first thing you must do is to fix a budget you want to splurge on the venue. This is one of the most important elements of your wedding if not the most important. Try to fix a range you are comfortable to spend and stick with it throughout.

Figure out your guest list

After budget, comes the number of people who will be attending your wedding. The expanse of your wedding venue will be solely depending upon this number. On an average we can say that a single wedding guest can consume about 12 to 25 square feet. Now, you will have to do the mathyourself to find a place that can fit everyone very comfortably.

Consider the weather

Be sure of what kind of weather conditions will be lurking in the area during the time of your wedding. You can have beautiful outdoor wedding during the drier months of the year when there will be no chance of a sudden shower to dampen the mood. However, during the scorching summer of Gurgaon, we suggest

choosing wedding venue

Which is completely air conditioned so the bride’s makeup won’t be melting off in the heat and everyone can have a good time even when the air is scorching outside.

Do not decide the colour theme before the venue

The venue plays a major role in deciding the colour these you want to have in a wedding. A cohesive colour theme will elevate the décor to the next level. We suggest going for bright funky colours to adorn an open place and sticking to a pastel theme (which, by the way is super on trend) for indoor wedding. A lighter colour story will only make the venue feel open and larger.

Your venue should be more than just a hall

Most Indian weddings these days will have a number of functions and parties even before the wedding takes place. Make sure the venue you pick can help you with enough space to celebrate these parties.

  • An open garden for the haldi ceremony with proper washrooms
  • A pool for a cocktail party
  • A spacious dance floor

These are some of the spaces within a venue you should be paying close attention to.

Do not settle for the first venue

Look into about three to five venues before settling for the one that ticks off all the boxes. One easy way to compare the venues is to click pictures and videos of the place. This will give you a second look at the end of the day for comparison. So, you pick the best wedding venues in Gurgaon for your wedding.

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