As Gurgaon welcomes the cooler days of autumn and winter, we are all set to make the most of this crisp weather. This is the best time to get out there to get the blood rushing and warming with the most fun activities. The amusement park in gurugram is a must-visit with kids to have a complete blast. Worried that it will blow up your bank account? Well, we have got your back with these 7 tips to save money at amusement park while you have crazy fun with the little ones.

Stay hydrated

All that jumping and thumping is bound to make all of you sweat even in the chillier months. This will obviously make you thirsty, and there is no need for you to waste money on buying bottle water when you can carry your own bottle of water to sip on.

Some healthy snacks

While a sumptuous restaurant lunch might be unavoidable on a day out at like this, what you can save on are those hunger pangs in the middle of the day. Carry some fruits to munch on; a bunch of cookies to give you a little bit of a sugar rush; a healthy mix of crunchy nuts. This will not only save some coins but also keep the tummies happy and healthy.

Hats and Caps

It is no surprise that the sun will shine upon you even when the days seem cooler. To save you from the discomfort of the harsh rays, we suggest you to carry hats or caps or trendy sun visors, instead of having to buy the ones available near the amusement park. They are usually hiked up in price and delivers really saddening quality for the price you pay.


While we are on the topic of sun protection, let us not forget the essential sunscreen. Trying to find a shop selling within the premises of the amusement park is not only time-consuming but is very likely to shell you a lot more than usual for a tube of sunscreen. So, go prepared. Not only wear sunscreen before leaving the house, but also carry it with you in your pouch to reapply every few hours.

Make the most of discount codes and coupons

You can find a ton of coupon sites where you can find amazing deal and discounts to apply on your ticket to slash down the price. You can also follow the social media feed of the amusement park to stay abreast with any exciting offer or discount that they might me offering.

Weekdays over weekends

If saving money at amusement park is your priority, then, the simplest way to achieve that is to visit the part on weekday. This is when the crowd as well as the price of the tickets is likely to be at their lowest best.

Prep your child

Give you child a prep talk. Tell him or her about the budget that she has to stay within. This way, there will be lesser chances of a sudden embarrassing tantrum to erupt.

Now that you know all these tips and tricks, it is time to unleash the fun.

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