The most beautiful week of the year is Valentine’s Week that is most eagerly awaited by lovers all over the world. The six days leading to Valentine’s Day constitute Valentine’s week which starts from 7th February to 14th February. The different days of the Valentine’s week are the Rose Day; Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, the last, and the most important Valentine’s Day. Here are ways on how to celebrate valentine’s week in special and memorable ways.

Rose Day

The first day of the valentine week is celebrated by exchanging roses, which is a symbol of love, beauty, and romance. You can gift a single rose or a bouquet of roses with a small note of love kept inside the basket. You can also decorate your bed with roses to give a surprise to your lover when he enters the room in the night.

Propose Day

On this day, you can propose to your loved one in a beautiful surrounding. It could be valentine party venues in Gurgaon or a restaurant or café. So guys go down on your knees and propose your beloved with a bouquet of flowers or chocolates with a love note written on it.

Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Gifting your lover with the chocolates of his/her choice would bring happiness on their faces. A better idea is to make heart shaped chocolates in the house or bake a chocolate cake or a muffin to show your love and concern for your partner. You can go for a chocolate facial or chocolate spa together to make this day full of fun and extra special.

Teddy Day

Gifting a teddy bear to your loved one is such a cute idea. We all love teddies and getting a teddy from your beloved on this day brings more happiness than receiving it on any other day. In the absence of your lover you can cuddle the teddy and feel better. If you are a crafty person you can make a small teddy bear at home or make chocolates in the shape of a teddy bear.

Promise Day

Make a promise of staying loyal and together to your loved one on this day. This will make your relation strong and full of love.

Hug Day

A warm hug can do wonders for your relation and brighten up your day. A hug is a way of expressing your love and affection to your near and dear ones.

Kiss Day

A long and passionate kiss fills the heart with love and romance and is the sweetest way to express one’s love.

Valentine’s Day

The valentine’s week culminates with Valentine’s Day. There are a number of ways to celebrate valentine’s day. Spend the entire day with your lover to make them feel special. Express your love with romantic messages and wishes throughout the day.

Celebration of love can be done on any day of the year but valentine’s week ensures you give in your best to your beloved.

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