Lohri is one of the most important festivals of Punjabis and Sikhs which is celebrated every year on the 13th of January. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show especially in Northern India. The festival marks the onset of the harvesting season and the bids goodbye to the winter season. Making a huge bonfire is the most important element of celebrating Lohri. One way of celebrating Lohri is by throwing a Lohri party which is a great way to unite family and friends. Below we give you five Lohri party decoration ideas to make the party a grand success.

Colourful decor

Add a dash of tradition to your décor by using the traditional Punjabi items like painted earthenware, colourful bangles, painted empty bottles, khaat, tractors and bicycles. This will add a rich authentic Indian flavour to your Lohri party decoration. Fairy lights, flowers, balloons, pinwheels can be used too in the décor. You can use fire balloons as the bonfire is a tradition of Lohri to decorate the entrance of the lohri party venues in Gurgaon.

Use dupattas

The traditional Punjabi phulkari dupattas with ghungroos can be used to decorate the party venue in a splendid way. Colourful dupattas can be draped around on the walls or can be used as a perfect backdrop for the stage. You can also use them as table cloths. Adding a gota lace to the dupattas makes it more attractive. This method of decoration is cheap yet classy making it a pocket-friendly decoration idea for you.

Hay and khaat

Hay, commonly seen all over Punjab can be used in decorating a Lohri party venue. It is easily affordable and the sombre colour will help balance the colourful outburst in the party hall. You can put hay in empty transparent bottles and hang them or just place them as bunches. The traditional charpol sitting arrangements can be made if the party has no space constraints.The khaat, used in most Punjabi households to sit or sleep can be decorated and placed in the party venue to give an overall Punjabi look and feel.


Lohri is celebrated by flying kites which is a popular past time activity for many Punjabi youths. Kite can be used to decorate the party venue to add colour and a rustic touch to the party. You can hang the kites or just stick them around on the walls or the entrance. Select the size of your kites based on the party venue.

Lohri photo camp

You can place a photo booth where the guests can come one by one and get their photos clicked in the decorated photo booth. A professional photographer can be hired to remove instant photos and give it as a return gift to the guests.

The above ideas for a Lohri party decoration can add colour and pomp to the party which will be remembered by the guests for many years.

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