A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The day when you tie the knot with your dream partner gives you enough reasons to celebrate the day with great pomp and fare. A number of factors are taken into consideration when planning for the D-Day like the wedding attire, invitation cards,food, decor,wedding cake, and most importantly the marriage venue. Once the marriage venue is selected, everything else falls into place. How to choose the perfect marriage venue is rudimentary in planning the grand occasion as that will be the place of gathering for all your family and friends to celebrate your important day. Here we look into a few important points to find the perfect marriage venue.

Based on your style

A wedding venue is decided based on the style of wedding you want.Whether you want a grand wedding or just a small family affair, an outdoor marriage venue or an indoor venue, old fashioned and stereotyped wedding or glamorous wedding, determines the type of venue you choose. You can also opt for a destination wedding venue.


Choose a venue that suits your budget. Apart from the rent of the space, you have to take into consideration the cost per plate of food, the decor, and theme as all this will shoot up your expense. It is estimated that the venue and catering collectively contribute to nearly half of the total wedding expenditure be it a resort in Gurgaon or a simple marriage hall.

Guest count

The number of invitees in the marriage play a major role in determining the venue of the wedding. There is a seating capacity in any marriage venue. There is a considerable difference in rent between a venue that can accommodate 100 guests and another than can let in 1000 people. You can take confirmation of attendance from the guests prior a wedding to get the exact figure which may help you in deciding on your venue.

Easy accessibility

It’s always better to choose a wedding venue in a location which is nearby and accessible to all. For example if u have foreign guests den you may go for a location close to the airport having easy accommodation and sightseeing facilities to the guests. Easy transportation facilities for all from the venue should also be kept in mind so that those who will be using public transports should not face any problem.

Facilities for guests

It is very important to check the facilities offered by the venue manager to your guests like parking, adequate water supply, neat and clean toilet and extrachairs. After all, the guests must go back happy with fond memories to cherish for lifetime.

Now that you have chosen a perfect wedding venue in Gurgaon or any other place, it’s time for you to sit down and relax. A right and good venue also excites and motivates people to attend a wedding. If the venue is not at the right place or of the correct ambience, many guests may not turn up. Hence plan your venue carefully, few months in advance and make your wedding a fairy-tale one.

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