Holi is a major Indian festival that brings with it fun and excitement. The smearing and splashing of colours and water guns bring positivity, love, and cheerfulness. Holi is no longer limited to the Hindus to welcome the spring season; it is celebrated by people of all religions in India. You can celebrate the festival of colours in myriad ways. Throwing a Holi party at home or in the office can be one such great way of celebrating Holi in a fun and vibrant way. Here we give you five things to keep in mind while organizing a Holi party.


Deciding the venue for the party is the most important factor when deciding on how to throw a Holi party. If your home or office (if it’s a party for the employees/colleagues) is big enough to accommodate the number of guests that you intend to invite then that can be the perfect venue for the Holi bash. There are many holi party venues in Gurgaonthat you can choose from. If due to space constraints home or office cannot be the venues, you can book a party hall in a banquet. When deciding on a venue keep in mind its location and easy accessibility to all, parking facilities and the number of guests it can accommodate.

Sending invitation

You need to make a list of the number of guests that you plan to invite be it family friends’ colleagues or neighbors. Deciding on the guest list is important to help you fix your budget. Once the guest list is ready, then plan on the design of the invitation card. A formal printed invitation card should be delivered well in advance to all the guests. Don’t forget to send them a reminder a night before the party to avoid absentees.


Your budget is another factor in determining whether you want a grand party or a small scale party with limited invitees. Deciding on the decoration, guest list, return gifts, food and beverages,helpers and the post party cleaning of the venue, depends on the budget. Making a budget makes planning systematic and well organized.

Food and beverages

A party without some lip-smacking food is no fun. A major part of the money goes to food. You can hire a caterer to arrange for the food or you can also get food ordered online at the party venue. Food should be planned according to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences of the guests.

Fun factor

Decorations, games, and music is an integral part while planning a holi party. Holi decorations can be colourful and vibrant to justify the essence of the festival. Games can add that extra fun and excitement to the party. Return gifts to the guests would make them feel extra special.

Good planning and implementing the above ideas for holi party ensure the party is a grand success. Guests will go back home happy, cherishing the memories of the fun-filled holi party for a long time to come.

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