In a few days from now, the dawn of 2020 will be making an entry into our lives. It will be time to bid a farewell to 2019 and welcome a new year.Parties, merrymaking, and unlimited is what we all think of. If you are thinking of wrapping up the year in some style then make a tour to India. India is home to some beautiful places so why not travel within the realms of the country to give the New Year a feisty and hearty welcome. We have selected five unique places to celebrate New Year in India with great pomp and fanfare.

Goa- Also known as the Las Vegas of India, Goa, with its exotic beaches, rave parties, New Year carnivals, cheap beer,and amazing sea food it can be a perfect New Year destination. Goa is also said to have a wide range of animal life and an amazing nightlife which can be a dream destination for people especially youngsters. Firework display on New Year’s Eve in this coastal town is worth watching. You can let your hair down, dance to the tunes of jazz and hip-hop all night long and have the best time of your lives.Goa is indeed a very happening New Year destination in India.

Gangtok-This is a hill station in Sikkim known for its scenic beauty and the wide range of activities that it allows to the tourists. For all those who love hills,trekking,cool temperatures, and natural beauty, Gangtok would be an ideal place to visit. The place offers fantastic views of sunrise and sunset which can be captured in photography. Gangtok and its surrounding areas are so clean and well-kept that it’s often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the east’. Spending the New Year in such a beautiful location would be an enriching experience.

Udaipur-Also known as the city of Lakes Udaipur offers the most exotic beauty together with its historical significance. It’s well known for its palaces, handcrafted goods and a varied wildlife. It’s often compared to Kashmir for its natural and man-made beauty.

Mumbai-The Economic capital of India known for its beaches,food, and nightlife and shopping can be a great city to experience the New Year.The city can accommodate anyone and is the epitome of the rags to riches story of so many celebrities. From slums and poverty stricken areas to high rises in Colaba and Walkeshwar which houses some of India’s wealthiest people, from the roadside Wada paw to the high end restaurants, Mumbai has everything to offer. You can dance away for the entire night in some of Mumbai’s posh clubs.

Pondicherry-It’s famous for the beach side parties on New Year’s Eve. The beaches are so well decorated and fireworks and bonfire run through the entire night. Dancing, partying drinking, and other celebrations continue until the wee hours of the New Year on the streets of Pondicherry.

If you want something near Delhi, you can find a lot of good resorts for New Year party in Gurgaon also. Make the best use of the year-end holidays. Plan the vacation in advance with whoever you plan to go with. End the year with a beautiful and fun filled vacation which you will cherish forever.

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