When it comes to wedding, wedding lighting is without any doubt one of the most underestimated elements. However, it is important to note that lighting is of utmost importance as it sets the overall mood for your wedding and enables you to show off all the finer details you have spent months thinking about. In addition, you will want your guests to be able to enjoy their dance floor and the food properly, and you will want your photos to be beautiful. All of these things cannot be done with insufficient or poor lighting. If you are not sure where to begin, do not know what to ask a lighting designer, or just require some inspiration to fit your wedding style, this guide will assist you every step.

Some fun ways to light up your wedding:

Colour-washed reception walls

Light up the walls of your venue with your wedding colours. They can be motionless or you can switch up the hues all through the evening during vital moments (e.g. the first dance, the cake-cutting). This will offer a fun and unanticipated touch to make your wedding that much more lively.

Light up only your venue columns or trees

They will offer a soft, inviting happiness that will make your guests feel at home.

Line Up Lanterns

A row of illuminated lanterns offers light for an open-air dinner, while also setting the sight for the dance floor.

Include coloured lighting

Lights do not have to be white, in fact you can use coloured ones to offer even more contrast. People with certainly appreciate this look as it offers just enough wow factor for a smaller, more close wedding.

Hang String Lights

This is certainly the most popular idea for lighting up any wedding space and venue, they are pocket-friendly, you can get a lot and you can use them in diverse ways hanging and wrapping them everywhere. They fit any venues, spaces and wedding styles, and carry much light within, apart from, string lights mix with lanterns, candles, and chandeliers so you can make use of diverse combos, as well. Hang them in rows or vertically to create a romantic wedding setting for the ceremony. You can also hang those creating huge canopies, wrap beams and pillars of the venue and create all types of shapes you like.


These are very much popular when it comes to decorating wedding venue. Get some stunning crystal chandeliers, perhaps extra-large ones, for marking your wedding area, or the dance floor, or to make your event space more glam. Large crystal chandeliers make any space cooler and edgier, and will fit any area.

Use lights to make the piece of decor stand out

In case there is a showpiece that you actually want to show up then you can drape a cable or two of lights just about your statement piece and switch them on later in the evening.

So, if you are planning how to light up your wedding ideas, you can seek help from the above-mentioned points. You can even use these lights to brighten up the garden for wedding in Gurgaon.

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