Fascinating decor, upbeat music and vivid colours, Mehndi function is the most fun-centric among all the events. Organising some amusing activities for your guests will make this ceremony one to memorize. These will entail each member there and will be a bright means to bond with your loved ones. Here is a list of fascinating Mehndi ideas that are hassle-free to arrange and are sure to be loved by all your guests.

Tips on how to make mehndi memorable

Look for a proper venue

This is the most important step which cannot be taken carelessly. Few people get the occasion organized in their houses while some choose an outdoor site. The booking of the mehndi function venue in Gurgaon should be done beforehand so that last minute rush can be prevented. Take a tour of the venue and its surroundings. Find out if the location can be accessible easily, whether it will provide all the basic amenities such as parking, extra rooms, easy approach road, water supply, electricity, room service, etc.

Booking the Venue as per the Budget allotted for the Function

Budget for all function for the wedding is decided in advance. This is an important part as it assists in proper allocation of the money necessary to hold every party with total clarity. Bring in new ideas to make the event memorable. Great creativity and ideas can be at work by the specialists. Games and fun activities can be organised which will call for engagement of all current guests and hosts in the event. This is an outstanding way to make sure bonding between the two families.

Photo booth and props

One of the best tips for mehndi function is to create an ‘Insta’ area with diverse props, frames, idiosyncratic placards and stunning backgrounds where your guests can take amusing pictures. You can even organize for cameras for instant printing of those loved moments. This is a popular Mehndi function idea that is available readily.

Amusing Food Stalls

Think about including distinctive food stations and combinations to satisfy all the foodies. Live sushi bars, teppanyaki counters, and chocolate fountain, make your own pizza, gourmet popcorn, customisable waffle counter, give the crowd what they prefer the most and expect the least. One of the great Mehndi function ideas would be to comprise the childhood favourites for reminiscence – Barf ka Gola, cotton candy, Bhelpuri, etc.

DJ and Dance Floor

Having a fun planned music system with accessories and the specialist who can play the music is the trend in the parties. The DJ can make the party cool and make everybody present there dance to their tunes. The groom and the bride can also have a performance which will be like icing on the cake.

Apart from this, as the day is expected to see an excess of mehndi, you can put it to good use. Use the additional mehndi to decorate the guests’ hands. This can be amusing and some can go house with a stunning design.

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