Completing the 1-year mark is a big deal for your baby and you. Mark the event by celebrating with family and friends; including all the new mom friends and babies you have met during the first year of your little one’s life. So, plan to include party details such as cake and décor that are baby-friendly, but keep your adult guests in mind as well when you plan the celebration along with the most excellent way to preserve your memories for years to come. The best thing is to keep it effortless, which also means less pressure so you can also enjoy the party.

Mentioned below are some tips for you to get some ideas on how to decorate on kids birthday:

Do not go for lavish fancy decorations for children’s first birthday party decorations

You should avoid fancy decorations as it is just another way to waste money. If you want to set the ambience of party you can even do it with just some ornamental pieces for instance birthday banner as you can even re-use it. You can keep your kid’s 1st birthday decor super simple and super sweet with a framed photo collage of your baby. Not only is it the delightful decor for the party, it is a stunning keepsake you will always treasure.

Refrain from investing in costly cakes

Personalization in cake can cost you more money than expected and can cross your budget easily. It is better to go for the ordinary birthday cakes and if you know how to bake you can even cook in the oven it at home.

Choose digital invitations

Rather than choosing the invitations through card you can send an invitation through Facebook or Gmail opt for the digital invitations. Since it takes less time as you do not have to get your invitations in print and then send them to your individual guests. And you can go ecological as well.

Know how to choose the first birthday outfit

If you want to shop for a dress for your kid then opt for something on which it is not stated birthday so that your kid can sport it out once more. When you are buying a special dress, you must fix a budget. This would not only save you from spending increasingly but will also assist you choose the premium dress for the occasion. Fabric is a significant element to be taken into account as your baby needs to feel trouble-free while wearing the dress. Choose the fabric as per the season. Avoid choosing those fabrics which can injure the sensitive baby skin. Embellishments add more attractiveness to the dress but in case of baby dresses, they are a big trouble. Avoid buying dresses with embellishments as there are chances that the baby may take it into his mouth. Hence, keep it smart and simple.

There are several luxury first birthday party venues Gurgaon but when choosing the venue make sure that you select the one which is within your budget.

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