Weddings are once in a lifetime and it is one of the most important and precious days of our lives. Planning for a wedding starts from many months in advance. You want everything to be perfect on the big day so you make sure each and every aspect of the wedding is planned out properly. One such important thing to decide while planning a wedding is the venue which is a difficult task as there are many things to consider when choosing a perfect marriage venue. Listed below are some guidelines on how to choose a wedding venue.

Number of Invitees

A marriage venue in Gurgaon will be decided upon the number of guests you intend to invite. If the guest list is a long one, you will need a bigger venue to avoid cramping of the guests. If a limited number of people are invited a small venue would do the needful. Make sure the venue has the sitting and dining arrangements for all the guests.


The budget plays a very important role in deciding the marriage venue. Compare prices of different venues offering the same facilities. There is no point in choosing a venue that is beyond your budget. It will only cause disappointment and will be a waste of time. Hence it is better to search the price of the venues suitable to your budget, in advance.


If your wedding date is fixed already, you need to check if the venue you are looking for is available to accommodate you and your guests on your wedding day. You can check their availability dates online or by sending them an enquiry on their email or simply by calling them over the phone. Sometimes you fix your wedding date based on the availability of the venue you have selected.


The location of the venue plays a vital role. If your venue is out of the way for too many people, you may encounter too many absentees on your wedding day. If the venue is centrally located and easily accessible to all with adequate transport facilities, you will have a full guest attendance on your big day.

Other facilities offered

make sure the venue offers the post-wedding cleanup facility. Arrangements of the dining area and washroom facilities should be checked. Check to see if the wedding venue has an in-built play area for kids so that parents can relax and enjoy the wedding while their kids are busy playing.

Also, check to see if the venue has a backup plan for you in case of an emergency. If due to any reasons the wedding has to pre-pone or postpone, the manager of the venue should be able to provide this facility.

Keep in mind the above things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Narrow down your search to two or three venues and make sure to visit the venue prior to finalizing it to check if everything that you wanted is offered by them.

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