We all long for a relaxing time in our lives. We love to laze around, rest, take a break from our normal routine and chill for sometime. These are times we really live for. The time spent with your family, friends and loved ones is the best time of your life. This is the time you actually enjoy. Rest of the time we are either busy with work or daily chores and just passing the days. We should never miss the chance to spend time with family and real friends. Most of us look for our holidays and make plans to spend our holidays with our loved ones.

Holidays are officially back with Christmas and New Years shining on the calendar. Though it is winter and it is hard to get out and enjoy, still you should plan a vacation or excursion with your family and friends. We know winters are lazy days and it is so hard to get out of your quilt and bed, but then the question is why waste the holidays lying back at home and doing. The inactivity will lead you nowhere, rather one should enjoy this cold weather and explore the places in and around your city.

Say, if you live in Gurgaon or Delhi or the places around it, then we are pretty sure you have not explored the whole place together. You must still have a few places or new things to do in Gurgaon with family. If you do want to go out for a proper vacation for three to four days, then you may look for such unexplored places and plan may be short trips with your family. You might feel amazed that at times we want to go and explore far off places, but we miss the best and enjoyable places around our own space. It is important that we should look at what interests our family and then look for the places you all can visit. Even these short trips can do wonders and relax you to the maximum. The basic funda of these holidays is to take a break from the normal routine irrespective whether the family is going to an exotic destination or a picnic spot. The whole idea is that the family is going together and they are spending quality time with each other.

So, we advise you not to let go of these holidays at home, lazing around and doing nothing. Rather make full use of these holidays and have loads of fun.

The question is how to make these holidays into fun days. Well! Here are few ideas that will help you to do it-

Work with a plan – As the holidays are approaching you need to work with a plan. All the family members sit together and work out the important chores you need to do and then how many days it may require. Say if you have a five days holiday then chalk out what household pending chores you need to do. It can be anything from grocery shopping to any repair issue. Work out how many days you need to fix it and then strike these days off. With this you will have the actual number of holidays that you can use for going out with your family.

Decide what to do – Now you have a clear idea whether you have two or three days to your disposal for vacation or outing. Now, decide what you want to do. Whether you want to go for a short vacation to beach or hilly destinations or you want to stay back, explore some nearby places in and around your city. Say if you are from Gurgaon, you may look for things to do in Gurgaon with family. There are an exclusive number of theme parks including Kingdom of Dreams and like Apnoghar that you can enjoy with your family. Here you may relax, chill and enjoy. So, figuring out beforehand will help you to overcome the last minute mess. Once you have decided what to do it is better to make the bookings and arrangements beforehand so that there is no issue about it.

Enjoy and rejuvenate – Now that you have finished all your household chores and you have planned and booked everything, it is time to chill and relax. If you are going on one excursion make full use of it. Try to explore all the activities present at that place. Give your whole time to your kids and family. Click a good number of photographs. Enjoy the little giggles and have fun.It is always important to use your holidays in the best possible ways. Do not waste them, make best memories out of it.

It is always important to use your holidays in the best possible ways. Do not waste them, make best memories out of it.

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