Birthdays are special to each one of us. However, it is more special for kids who wait all year round for their birthday to arrive. Every kid fancies of having a birthday party done on their birthday. A kid’s birthday party is always full of fun and excitement as kids love to be entertained. However to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one you need to decide the kids birthday party venues and the following things:

Choosing a theme

Let the theme for the birthday party be decided by the child. It can be his favorite cartoon character, superhero characters or well-known personalities. Themes like Barbie, princess and fairy-tale characters are usually preferred by girls. Choosing the theme as per the likes of your child ensures he or she will enjoy the party to the fullest.

Guest list

Deciding on whom to invite for the birthday party is the next important step. Your child’s friends and teachers will top the list of guests. Family and relatives come second. You can also invite the kid’s mothers if the children invited are too small to be left alone. Preparing the guest list also helps you fix a budget for the birthday party.

Choosing a venue

The venue will be based on the number of guests invited. The home can be a good birthday party venue if a limited number of people are called. However, if the guests list is too long, children’s party venues in Gurgaon can be chosen.

Sending invitation

You can choose the design and layout of an invitation card based on the theme. It is important to send the invitation cards a few days prior to the party.


Decoration will be based on the theme that you decide. You can hire a decorator if the party is on a big scale or do it yourself if it requires very little work to be done. Balloons are a must in every party. Let the balloons, confetti, streamers, tablecloth, lightings, character cut outs, props be based on the theme to give it a complete look.


The lip-smacking food is a must in every party. Kids love junk food like chips burgers, pizzas, and ice creams. A theme based cake would be delightful. Food can be ordered online or you can hire a caterer for it. If the guest list is small and limited, you can even prepare the food at home.

Games and activities

No birthday party is complete without games and activities, which is the main attraction of a party. You can also arrange for a magic show or a comedy show which would add fun to the birthday party. Kids love dancing and no birthday party is complete without some good music and dance.

The above mentioned kids birthday party ideas if implemented can result in a successful and happy birthday party of your child. You can now give your child the birthday party that he always dreamt of.

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