Most of the couples tend to be so much focused in the wedding day that they completely forget about the events leading up to the big day. Pre-wedding functions have developed over the years and there are in fact dedicated pre wedding celebration party places in Gurgaon and many other Indian cities! Any Indian wedding that you are present at or observe is just unfinished without the dance and songs associated with the weddings.

It is better to leave it to your friends and family to come up with several ideas and ways to enjoy pre wedding events and rely on them completely when it comes to planning about the food, theme, wedding dressmaking and all the other party planning activities. However, if you are still not too sure and want them to know what you anticipate, then you can very well take a look at the pre-wedding events listed below along with some ideas about how to enjoy these occasions.

Engagement Party

There are no rigid rules as to who hosts the engagement party. Anybody who aims to join the wedding preparations can host a superb engagement party. You can plan some creative ways that will not only wow your visitors but will also set the temper for the rest of the evening. Just like every other engagement party detail, the decor and theme can be as complicated or as simple as you would like. The focus is on celebrating, so do whatever will assist you enhance that vibe.

Sangeet Function

This is the function that possibly all guests look forward to. The moves and dances make the entire evening fun, exciting, and create some great memories. Choose the songs you would want to perform on. Plan with your friends, family, and their partner and ask if they have any choices or ideas for themselves. Ensure you have a different set of the playlist for everybody present. It is really important that you do that so everyone has a relevant song to dance on.

Mehendi Function

This function is regarded as one of the most blessed and significant pre-wedding events in a bride’s life. The stunning bride-to-be embellishes her hands and feet with eye-catching mehendi. Besides being a fun pre-wedding function, the mehendi also has a lot of fundamental implication attached to it. If you are thinking about how to enjoy prewedding events; then you can include the following ceremonies:

  • Ring the bottle: This is an entertaining way of involving your friends and family via this entertaining game. A couple of bottles are placed on the table and each guest is expected to toss a ring over the bottle. Whoever gets it right gets a cash prize or a gift.
  • Have a dhol playing competition: Ask your guests to try and beat each other at playing the dhol with the help of the musicians and their instruments.
  • Antakshari: Songs and music form integral part of Indian wedding. So, involve your guests in this fun activity and pitch them against each other by asking them to sing songs of popular stars and movies. This way, guests get the chance to showcase their hidden talents.

These are some of the ways to enjoy pre-wedding events.

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