Top Tips to Celebrate Diwali 2019

There is much excitement in the air as the festival of Diwali is fast approaching. As per the lunar calendar, Diwali 2019 falls on October 27th. We are all ready to give a hearty welcome to this festival.

Diwali has been celebrated differently by the different generations of Indians. Earlier preparations for the festival began one month prior to the day. People used to clean and decorate their homes, prepare traditional sweets and snack at home and purchase new clothing, just for the festival.

But things have changed. We give the task of cleaning to our housemaids and professional cleaning agencies and that of painting the home to painters. In fact, we buy all special Diwali sweets and savouries from the market. And no longer do we wait for Diwali to buy brand new clothes.

The new generation of Indians has special plans for upcoming diwali vacation. Most like to travel to exotic destinations during the Diwali holidays. Travel plans may be for national or foreign destinations. Those who wish to celebrate Diwali close to their home have the option of brilliant party venues like Apnoghar Resort in Gurgaon. This resort has all facilities for a super Diwali holiday like amusement park, waterpark, banquet hall, restaurant and bar, manicured party lawns and well-appointed rooms. This resort is reputed to be the best among Diwali party venues in Gurgaon.

Travel agencies report that maximum travel activity is during Diwali holidays. The most favourite foreign destination for Indians is Europe while the national favourite is Goa. Travel agencies typically offer many attractive deals and discounts in this period.

Keep the following tips in mind for diwali vacation plans:

Date and Duration

Before beginning to make definite Diwali holiday plans, you must decide first the date and duration. Ensure that you will not be neglecting any important work. Check availability of all friends and family for this duration. Ascertain whether kids can come along as well. For instance, if they have major exams after the holidays, then you can postpone the trip. Seek opinion of all family members.


Consult all family members and friends about the destination. If all agree on a particular place, you can have much fun and enjoyment. Try to include in the trip all members of your family whom you are worried about for leaving back. Make a wise decision about your destination.

This implies that you must zero into a spot where all can enjoy. Ascertain the priority of all members of your traveling group whether they wish to travel international or national. Some may be seeking thrill and adventure while others rest and respite.

Research Cost

After deciding on the destination, do some work on the cost of stay and other expenditure. You must keep a budget for your travel plans. Don’t succumb to pressure of any member of your traveling group. You can even avail of travel loans if you can afford their EMIs.

Pack Wisely

Try to travel as light as possible. Do not wear heavy ornaments for your trip. Also, shop wisely, knowing the luggage limits during transport.

These are all some tips for enjoying travel plans this Diwali


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