It’s that time of the year when Christmas is eagerly awaited by everyone as it offers various reasons to celebrate. Christmas coupled with the year-end celebration gives you a chance to party for days and even weeks. Moreover, who doesn’t like parties and if it’s a corporate Christmas party it’s a bonus to its employees. Planning a Christmas party needs a detailed planning. Here we give you a few tips to plan a corporate Christmas Party.

Deciding venue

The first thing to be kept in mind when deciding on how to plan a corporate Christmas party is the choice of venue of the party which depends on your budget and the number of invitees. However it is preferred not to throw the party in the office of company building so that the employees get another environment and not the same routine environment in which they have been working daily. While selecting the venue be it a Christmas party venue in Gurgaon or anywhere else, it is important to keep in mind the convenience of all the employees in reaching the venue.

Deciding theme

Why not surprise your staff with a splash of creativity and imagination. You can set up a theme for the party and also a dress code for all the invitees. Men and women in black, Red and white or a Santa-look a-like dress code would add some fun.Everything from the decor to the food and games would be related to the theme. You can decide the theme on your own or collaborate with an event planner.


After fixing a suitable date, it’s now time to make the announcement to the staff. You can send a one on one invitation personally or a group invitation via email, text messages or a more formal invitation through the card. Jazz up the invitation card and mention all details like date time and venue. Do not forget to send a reminder to all a day before the party.

Deciding food

one important step while deciding on the menu is the food preference of the people invited. If there are vegetarians and non-vegetarians, then both types of menu will have to be included. You can choose a caterer who In turn will give you the food selection option from their menu which makes your task easy and simple. If you do not want to hire a caterer then you can get food of your choice delivered online to the venue


Make a list of the ways to entertain your employees. You can have a stand-up comedian, a singer, belly dancers, magicians, or a funny play enacted. Good music is a must to add to the ambiance of the party.

A corporate Christmas party is a great way to create a sense of team spirit within the employees and to show their acknowledgement to its staff for their hard work and dedication to help flourish the business. At the end of the party don’t forget to take feedback from each one so that you can plan an even better party next year .The employees will go home happy and relaxed and will be waiting for the new year to get back to work.

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