Best Water Park in Gurgaon | Delhi | NCR | Aapno Ghar

Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram, is a bustling city in the Indian state of Haryana. It is home to several popular amusement parks and water parks that attract tourists and locals alike.
Water parks are recreational facilities that feature a variety of water-based attractions and activities, such as water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, splash pads, and other water play areas. These parks are designed to provide visitors with a fun and exciting experience in a safe and controlled environment. They are typically operated by private companies or municipal governments and are popular destinations for families, groups of friends, and tourists.
Water parks offer a range of attractions to suit people of all ages and interests. Some of the most popular rides include high-speed water slides, which can be designed to offer twists, turns, drops, and other thrilling manoeuvres. Lazy rivers provide a more relaxed experience, allowing visitors to float along a gentle current in inner tubes. Taking all these into account Aapnoghar can be considered as the best water park in Gurgaon.

Best Water Park in Gurgaon

Why to Choose Aapnoghar as your favourite Theme park destination?

AapnoGhar is a popular water park located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The park is spread over an area of 9 acres and offers a range of water slides and adventurous rides and attractions.

One of the key attractions of AapnoGhar Water Park is its theme park , which is one of the largest in the region. The park also has several other water rides, including the Aqua Tube Slide, Multi Lane Slide, and the Rain Dance. For younger visitors, there is a dedicated kids’ zone with several smaller rides and activities.

In addition to the water rides, AapnoGhar Water Park also has several dry rides and amusement activities, including a 360-degree rotating swing, a giant wheel, and a mini train ride. The park also has several dining options, including a restaurant and a food court, offering a variety of cuisines.


  • There is lot to love about this place including the Turbo Twister and Aqua Tubes a perfect entertainment for all who are in search of speed. Along with this it also provides a leisure pool and a rain dance hut to please all the family. Other unique attraction for this waterpark includes water lagoons to relax and big tipping bucket for the kids.
  • This waterpark is right off Delhi – Jaipur Expressway on National Highway 8 offering it as a very convenient location for all.
  • More than a waterpark! Aapnoghar is a complete package of luxury resorts, Multicuisne restaurant, banquet halls, wedding lawns and much more.
  • If u wish for a full day fun, then Aapnoghar is definitely an ideal place for you serving all days of a week between :30 AM to 19:00 PM.
  • Different admission packages are also available here according to your needs and convenience can be the best choice for those intending to stay all day! As their package includes breakfast, lunch & unlimited full day snacks as well as permission for all those available rides, Activities and Water Slides unlimited.


AapnoGhar the best Water park in Gurgaon, is a great destination for those looking to beat the heat and enjoy a day out with friends and family. With its range of water rides and attractions, as well as its clean and well-maintained facilities, it is definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, just have a blast at this awesome aquatic amusement parks.

So pack your Swimsuit and Sunblock, and enjoy your splash- tacular Good times. Happy Swimming !!!

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Give a Blastic Start to your New Year 2022

The New Year 2022 is almost knocking at our doors.It is time to welcome it with an open heart and start afresh. A new year is a sign of new beginnings and to start a new venture. But how can we start fresh and positively if we are not ready to do so? Yes! To get ready for a fresh start you need to be quiet, calm and in a motivated state, then only you can bring a positive movement in your life.

Hence, it is good to end this 2021 at a good note and begin 2022 at a bright and shining start to this year. Are you wondering what to do at the end of this year? You do not have anything planned? To kickstart a new year just forget all the bad that has happened in previous year, leave behind your regrets and disappointments and look forward in a positive manner to learn new things, open-up for new experiences and get ready for a little changed life. For this you first need to change your plan and open-up the new years with an amazing night at an amazing destination. For this you can have a party at your home or you can even go out, and how about a night stayover with your family. When you do not have to worry about the food arrangements or anything else. You just need to pack and enjoy your evening and get ready for the coming year.

Are you staying at home? Well you do not have to worry about it. We have brought you an amazing year to kick start your year 2022. Yes! This is an amazing resort to kick start, it has something for everyone! AapnoGhar in Gurgaon is an exclusive destination for the New Years. Everyone can enjoy this resort, they have all planned it for you from A to Z.

They are welcome, kids and friends and families with open arms. You just do not have to think about anything. All you need to do is go with the flow and have an exciting New Years fun at AapnoGhar Gurgaon. We rest assured that you will not be disappointed by this amazing plan created by the AapnoGhar family.

They are all set with day itineraries, activities and loads of fun that you can enjoy with you and your family. They have planned day by day fun activities for both kids and adults so that everyone can enjoy as per their interest. There is no need to worry, just get your bookings done and consider your New Years completely sorted for an exciting and fun filled time.

So, let us take you for a peep about what all the AapnoGhar Gurgaon has planned for us. They have amazing stay over plans for new years and the packages are placed at a very reasonable pricing. The package consists of a Luxury room for two adults and two kids (below 10 years) with all inclusive meals and excursion for only INR13,500 per night and if there’s an extra person or a child above 11 years an extra charge of INR 4000 is included in the above plan. The taxes extra as applicable.
Well, the plan starts with 31st December from arrival at 12 noon. Once the check-in and welcome drink is served then guests are free to enjoy the amusement park and also participate in the activities. Also, there is a buffet lunch from 1 to 2.30 pm and evening snacks and hi-tea from 4.30 to 5pm. From 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm there is a big new year gala, where the guests can loosen around and have fun and welcome the new year 2022. Carrying forward on new years day there will be a special live-in tea counter at 7 in the morning to enjoy the garden and followed by breakfast till 10 am and thereafter the checkout. Isn’t it the exclusive and neat plan to start your new year.

The reosrt is offering amazing well-furnished rooms with all the high-class facilities and exclusive garden balconies to unwind and enjoy yourselves.

There is a range of Amusement Park attractions including joy rides like caterpillar, baby train, break dance, columbus, monocycle, bhul bhuliya and lots more making it a perfect place for the kids and adults to enjoy. Then the guest can continue the fun with playing darts, ball shooting, double rope bridge, tyre swings and lots more. There are other engaging activities like tattoo making, magician, tambola and live pottery making and other amazing things.

So, don’t sit back and get bored. Turn this new year into fun day. hurry-up and make your bookings at AapnoGhar.

Light-up your Christmas holidays with family

We all long for a relaxing time in our lives. We love to laze around, rest, take a break from our normal routine and chill for sometime. These are times we really live for. The time spent with your family, friends and loved ones is the best time of your life. This is the time you actually enjoy. Rest of the time we are either busy with work or daily chores and just passing the days. We should never miss the chance to spend time with family and real friends. Most of us look for our holidays and make plans to spend our holidays with our loved ones.

Holidays are officially back with Christmas and New Years shining on the calendar. Though it is winter and it is hard to get out and enjoy, still you should plan a vacation or excursion with your family and friends. We know winters are lazy days and it is so hard to get out of your quilt and bed, but then the question is why waste the holidays lying back at home and doing. The inactivity will lead you nowhere, rather one should enjoy this cold weather and explore the places in and around your city.

Say, if you live in Gurgaon or Delhi or the places around it, then we are pretty sure you have not explored the whole place together. You must still have a few places or new things to do in Gurgaon with family. If you do want to go out for a proper vacation for three to four days, then you may look for such unexplored places and plan may be short trips with your family. You might feel amazed that at times we want to go and explore far off places, but we miss the best and enjoyable places around our own space. It is important that we should look at what interests our family and then look for the places you all can visit. Even these short trips can do wonders and relax you to the maximum. The basic funda of these holidays is to take a break from the normal routine irrespective whether the family is going to an exotic destination or a picnic spot. The whole idea is that the family is going together and they are spending quality time with each other.

So, we advise you not to let go of these holidays at home, lazing around and doing nothing. Rather make full use of these holidays and have loads of fun.

The question is how to make these holidays into fun days. Well! Here are few ideas that will help you to do it-

Work with a plan– As the holidays are approaching you need to work with a plan. All the family members sit together and work out the important chores you need to do and then how many days it may require. Say if you have a five days holiday then chalk out what household pending chores you need to do. It can be anything from grocery shopping to any repair issue. Work out how many days you need to fix it and then strike these days off. With this you will have the actual number of holidays that you can use for going out with your family.

Decide what to do– Now you have a clear idea whether you have two or three days to your disposal for vacation or outing. Now, decide what you want to do. Whether you want to go for a short vacation to beach or hilly destinations or you want to stay back, explore some nearby places in and around your city. Say if you are from Gurgaon, you may look for things to do in Gurgaon with family. There are an exclusive number of theme parks including Kingdom of Dreams and like Apnoghar that you can enjoy with your family. Here you may relax, chill and enjoy. So, figuring out beforehand will help you to overcome the last minute mess. Once you have decided what to do it is better to make the bookings and arrangements beforehand so that there is no issue about it.

Enjoy and rejuvenate – Now that you have finished all your household chores and you have planned and booked everything, it is time to chill and relax. If you are going on one excursion make full use of it. Try to explore all the activities present at that place. Give your whole time to your kids and family. Click a good number of photographs. Enjoy the little giggles and have fun.

It is always important to use your holidays in the best possible ways. Do not waste them, make best memories out of it.

How to arrange a Farmhouse birthday party for your child?

 Farmhouse for parties in Gurgaon

Now, with a shift in weather from very hot to pleasant, it is time to party in the open and enjoy the warmness of the sun. Day parties are beautiful. They are lavish brunches or high-tea where one can relax, rewind and rejuvenate. It is about sitting lazily in the sun and having a conversation with your friends and watching your kids enjoying and playing in the garden. The thought of it brings warmth and pleasure. 

Well, while living in big cities including Delhi, Gurgaon or Mumbai, such times are hard to find. These are overcrowded cities, where there are not many gardens. People live in flats and they find it hard to look for gardens or farmhouses to organise such parties.

But, now there is no need to worry, if you have a party in mind then there are so many farmhouses for parties in Gurgaon. Here the owners have specifically made farmhouses dedicated to lend their places for farmhouse parties. Even if you do not have a farmhouse you still may enjoy it. So, if you want to plan a birthday party for your kid or a festive party for the season one may look into these farmhouses for parties in Gurgaon. 


Kids birthday parties are the best parties to plan in the sun. It seems like a perfect place, where they can enjoy nature and spend time playing enjoyable games. It can prove to be different from all the general birthday parties organised in hotels or restaurants. Also, it can be a gadget free retreat for them. 

Ideas for Outdoor Birthday Parties-

Are you wondering how you can plan an outdoor birthday party for your kid? Well do not look beyond we have amazing ideas to cover you up. Read on to find more-

1. Select an appropriate date-

The most important thing is to select an appropriate date. You must be wondering that birthday parties are supposed to be on birthdays, very true but if the birthday is on a working day then it can be trouble. Parties are for fun not troubles, so, it is advisable to look for a nearby Sunday or holiday when parents can easily pick and drop their kids. Also, kids will be free from their school hours and they can very well enjoy the party. So, look for the best date that is suitable for most people.

2. Make Arrangements in stalls-

Most of us have forgotten how the stalls and fairs used to be. So, if you are organising an outdoor birthday party you may put up funny and entertaining stalls with games and food. This will share an absolutely new experience for the kids. They whirl around from stall to stall helping themselves with games and food. They will enjoy the experience.

3. Book an entertainer-

To keep kids on their heels and toes you can book an amazing entertainer for them. The entertainment can be according to the theme like princess entertainers, or the general ones including Magicians, face painters or anchors who can arrange games for them. This will bring spirit to your party. Kids just love the entertainers. They can enjoy watercolour tattoos, paintings, learning small DIYs and loads of more. So, booking an entertainer is an amazing idea for a kids party.

4. Book a Bouncy Castle-

You can also book a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained and busy. Kids love to play in bouncy castle, they jump and have fun. So, try to arrange a bouncy castle. Kids will love your party and will have an amazing time. There are different types of castle to choose from, you may pick from slide one to climb up. This will also add up to the activity list. We highly recommend it.

5. Put up- Make your own ice-cream stall-

 Everyone loves ice-creams and kids have special love for it. No one can beat the endless flavours of ice-creams. So, here is an idea to put up a stall to make up your own sundae. The kids will love this block. They can create their own sundaes with amazing flavours and add-on treats. This stall will be a total hit.

6. Treasure Hunt-

If you are inviting the kids from age 7 years to 12 years then you may arrange a treasure hunt to keep them occupied and make your party interesting. You can create different teams and ask them to go on a treasure hunt. This will lend a thrilling touch to your party. Kids will enjoy it thoroughly. 

We hope you must have liked our ideas to jazz up your kid’s birthday party. If you are looking for a great venue then there are various farmhouse for parties in Gurgaon. You may check those places and pick-up a suitable venue. 






Bright reasons to book your wedding in a Resort

 wedding venues in Gurgaon 

Weddings mean a lot in Indian society. A wedding is simply not only about the couple, but it is a lifetime occasion. Every bride and groom dream about their wedding day as the best day of their lives. They want everything to be organised well and in a planned way. Planning a wedding requires loads of  investment, financially, as well as emotionally.

It is important for the bride and groom that guests have a great time and also remember their big day for years to come. This means the wedding has to be planned in an organised way so that there is no hassle and everyone can enjoy it without any stress. Are you wondering how is it possible? Well, a very simple way to ensure an amazing wedding is to plan your wedding at the right place. Yes! A great venue or a resort will help you to organise things in a better way as compared to doing it at your home or community centres. 


Nowadays, the big and beautiful resorts offer complete wedding venues. These practices are quite prevalent in big cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon etc. There are luxurious wedding venues in Gurgaon and other cities.

All you need to do is book the resort and just pack your bags and enjoy the wedding. They look after everything from food to décor to the settings, music. Such venues can easily turn your big-day event into an unforgettable experience. You have nothing to take pain. The families, bride and groom can enjoy together. There is no need to commute from one place to another. Just be at one place and have fun.


Reasons to choose resort venue-


Not only this there are many reasons why a resort may be the perfect place for your wedding.

1. Suitable Accommodations-

This is one of the most beneficial factors of having a resort wedding. Whether it is a night stay, weekend, having a venue along with guest accommodations lends some major benefits. There is no commuting issue, you do not have to bring any guests, just everyone is at one place. One can enjoy their wedding without any stress, everyone can unpack, relax and enjoy. Resorts are supposed to take care of meals and other requirements. Here you can be sure that your guests are properly welcomed and cared for throughout their stay. For better rates you can talk to your resort and can get amazing discounted deals. 

2. All organized at one place

Once you book a resort wedding, you reveal your tension. You do check for the catering or  bar service or  rentals like linens, tables and chairs. All you need to do is initially decide how the things are set to be. Once you have made the decisions then on your big day you only need to sit back and relax. It is the duty of the staff and resort to ensure the work is done properly. Generally, everything is discussed and planned. The wedding can be turned into a complete relaxing day with resort weddings.

3. Pre-Wedding Pampering

With all the time to relax, the wedding is turned into a family holiday. As there is nothing much to do, the day time or before function times can be utilised by the on-site spa services, or sharing a pol  party. The bride and groom can also enjoy stress-free treatments until it’s the time. They can comfortably sit and manage their time. Also, once the function is over, the guests can relax a bit. They can opt for various services and make full use of it. So, the wedding pampering can go along for everyone and it turns out to be an amazing experience. 

4. Contingency Plans

Many times there are chances something may go wrong at the nick of the hour. What to do at that time, where to go? Well, if you have opted for a resort wedding, the staff always comes up with a plan B to save the day. So, you do not have to worry about it. Many resort venues have multiple ceremony/reception locations on the premises, which means if the weather takes a turn, there is always a back-up plan. Hence, planning in a resort keeps you comforted throughout the event. So, think on these lines and then make a decision. 

5. Pre and Post Wedding Activities v

This is the best part of a resort wedding. Here you can organise  various activities for your guests. With a few activities on the list will get the guests to mingle and enjoy time together. There can be a family game day like you can plan family cricket for everyone. There can be a relaxing walk tour to chit-chat,  or a dip in the saltwater pool. Such activities will keep everybody engaged and happy.

So, what are you waiting for, if you are in the north then you check the ample number of wedding venues in Gurgaon and be rest assured about it. 



Why is it best to spend your holidays in a Theme Park?

Holidays are special days out of our lives that let us live our lives in our own way. Yes! Who does not love a small break from the normal routine? A break long or short is always a blessing. It helps the person and the family to enjoy their own sweet time. During holidays you can relax and rejuvenate. We all live through a very busy life schedule and it is important to take a few holidays otherwise life gets very monotonous and boring. A break can bring excitement in your life.

Holidays are not only important to break the monotony but also it helps to restore the physical as well as the mental health of a person. No holidays means living the same life again and again. Such a situation is difficult for the physical as well as the mental health of a person. So, stay awake and fresh in your life, it is important to take a few holidays from time to time. Otherwise you may use your precious time in things that you might just waste like that.


Imagine how excited you are only thinking about the holidays. You do not have to do your routine job, all you can do is cut the slack and be a little laid back. A holiday is always welcomed even if it is a day or week. So, if in any case you are getting these precious days, make full use of it. Do not waste it by randomly spending it here and there. You can always plan a short trip for short holidays and off-course full-fledged trip for your good number of holidays.


How to make great use of your holidays?

Well, if you are lucky enough to be blessed with a few holidays, then you should not waste it sitting back at home. Life is all about exploring and doing new things. If you are not doing anything new then you are wasting your life away. For those who have holidays to themselves they should plan it well, otherwise they will be wasted away sitting in front of TV. Do not waste them uselessly just doing nothing.

Well, at times even doing nothing is also important. It helps to rest your mind, but if it persists the same then you may become lazy. So, if you have any long weekends or breaks then you should plan appropriate trips as per your choice and interests. There is a lot out there open for traveling and fun. It is you who have to recognise the importance of your time and where to use it fruitfully.


Well, we understand it is not always possible to have full-fledged trips, but to turn your short holidays into great experiences there are a good number of theme parks that lend you exotic experiences within a short period and in a limited time period. Say if you stay in or around Delhi then you need not travel beyond, there are great theme parks in Delhi. You can choose or plan a trip to one of them as per your choice and interest.


How do you have a great time in a Theme Park?

Theme Park is basically an experience specifically designed for the visitors. There are no random activities. There is a proper thought involved to get converted into a theme park. It is more of an experience that the visitors are supposed to enjoy. Say there are many children based theme parks in Delhi. Here the activities are designed for kids as well as their parents along with them. All the groups can enjoy together as well as they have activities of their own interest. So, theme parks bring to you something new and fresh then the normal resorts.


How theme parks make great holidays-

Theme parks are something that everyone enjoys and relishes. It is something different from your normal life-

Experience a Different World-

Well entering a theme park is just like stepping into another world. It is different and organised. A theme park in Delhi is a place where you can leave your daily life behind and live a life of imagination and fun! A theme park can simply take you to the fictional world of fairies, cars, aeroplanes, clowns and many more designed by a unique idea. Here you can be anything you want to be. The experience will share a different world and activities with you and you can totally enjoy it to the fullest extent.

A great way to escape stress-

The theme park can lend to be a great stress revealed. There are many times you are stressed due to issues in your life.  Going to a theme park in Delhi can make you forget about the little issues and you push it back and deal with it later.

How to plan a chilled relaxing weekend?



Life is full of work and responsibilities. So, you all need to visit resorts in gurgaon manesar.

There is no time to stop and pause. With the dawn of day we start our days with our busy routine, exercising, sending kids to school, getting ready for offices and the day is all done with work.


We all are living a very fast and busy life. We do not get time to relax and rejuvenate. There is no time to rest well and have a sweet time with yourself, friends and family.

No doubt we try to do our best and live our life to the fullest but still we lack little peace and enjoyment and most of all carefreeness. We can never be not worried about something or the other. We have always had something on our mind about kids, or job or family.

Plan your Holidays- 

How do we overcome these hassles of life? How can we stop and reflect towards our own life. At times we need our own sweet time. The answer is utilise your holidays well. Yes! Holidays are the narrow escape from the boring life. These are the days we actually work for. We work tirelessly to gain these holidays. So, it is important to plan our weekends and holidays well in advance.  A pre-planned holiday helps you to leisurely spend your time in peace and calm. 

Holidays are not always for peace and calm. You may use it for your other activities like exploring new places, or pursuing a new hobby or just visiting an exciting resort that may cater to all your family needs and activities. 

Resort Meaningful

These days there are a number of exotic resorts that understand the modern term of relaxation. These resorts are specifically designed for family or amazing holidays where you can do loads of activities and also relax along with the family and friends. 


They offer exotic activities including horse riding, forest walks, tonga rides, activity centers for kids, game stations, swimming pools for adults, gyms and yoga classes for those who are fitness freaks or those who want to try something new. There are a few amazing resorts that have amusement parks, water parks on the premises.

Such resorts are complete holiday packages. All one needs to do is look for the appropriate dates and book it for a complete rejuvenate package. Here you need not worry about the kids or anything else. These places are filled with amazing and interesting activities. There is always something for everyone. There are similar resorts in Gurgaon Manesar that are well-versed for such holidays. 

Resort Near Delhi

It is the best location for the people nearby Delhi and Gurgaon, they do not have to travel far. It is easy to plan a weekend trip to such resorts. Such resorts are amazing. They are secure and ideal for family and friend trips. So, if you are looking for a quick and nominal escape and not too far from the city then you may consider such resorts. 

Plan your holiday

It is important to plan your holidays well in time. Sudden holidays may be a hassle or a very costly affair. If you plan your holidays in advance then you can manage it at a very nominal cost. Also, you can choose a place of your choice. So, the motto is to think before time and plan a good trip. 


Tips to organise a weekend trip

  • Whenever you are working to plan a trip, it is important to sort the dates. The very first thing is to decide the duration of your trip. Are you planning a single day trip or one night trip or a whole weekend trip? Once you decide the duration then mark the dates. Be clear with your dates. You should be free and you do not have any scheduled function or engagement. Hence, look out for a free weekend when your whole family is free. 

Select the resort-

  • If you are staying in or near Delhi, then there are ample of options in and around the place. There are amazing resorts in Gurgaon Manesar where you can enjoy and have a hearty weekend party with your family and friends. Once you have decided the dates, it is time to book the resort. It is better to book well in advance because you may get it at good prices. If you are booking the hotel at the nick, then you may get it at higher rates.

Watch out for all the activities-

  •  Another idea to plan your weekend is you checkout all the activities in the resort beforehand and then you can plan those activities well-in-advance. You can schedule them, say if there are special activities for kids then you can book it for them. It will help you to organise your holiday as well as let you make full utilisation of the resort. 

Best water park in Gurgaon for families and kids

AapnoGhar water park for a family full of Fun & Activities

ApnoGhar Water Park | Gurgaon | Delhi NCR

ApnoGhar Water Park

With the onset of April and sweltering summers being just around the corner, every person in and around Delhi NCR will be in search of a place to beat the heat, and AapnoGhar water park in Gurgaon offer just that. AapnaGhar is so much more than just a water park. The number of things that AapnoGhar offers no matter what your age or interest might be is minded baffling. You could actually have a quick little getaway while planning your visit here. Nestled on the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, this is an ideal place to spend a great day with your loved ones. Not only is it super fun, but is also a beautiful place with accommodation facilities. A famous hangout place amidst the elders and the kids alike, AapnoGhar Gurgaon is one of the most sought places that offer much-needed respite during the summer season. Considered to be one of the most happening waterpark in Gurgaon, it offers the perfect ambiance to chill out with your loved ones throughout the days of summer. This Gurugram water park defines a perfect escape.

Which is the best water park in Gurgaon for families and kids?

water park, best water park in gurgaonAapnoGhar is one of the best water parks to hang out with friends & family. Leave everything behind and completely enjoy the time you spends here, make your moments memorable by clicking beautiful pictures as there are good frames and places to capture the beauty.

The best thing about this water park is that it has ample non-threatening and fun rides for little kids. Take the water mushrooms, for example, which are basically some giant mushrooms spraying down water, but something that the kids love! Similarly, the rain shower pillar, the water curtain, and the giant tipping bucket are all great for small children. The Aqua Tube or the Turbo Twister should be fun for teenagers and adults!


Cannot wait to get atop those fascinating slides? Then get going to one of the best water park in Gurgaon and beat the heat this summer like a pro whenever you are in or around Delhi.
Visit the best water park in Delhi-NCR (AapnoGhar Resort) for a fun-filled weekend splash.

Location: Sector 77, Gurugram, Haryana 122004
Timings: Monday to Sunday –  9:30 AM to 7 PM
Contact No.: 7666-77-9997

Best adventure park in Gurgaon | AapnoGhar Amusement Park

Best adventure park in Gurgaon | AapnoGhar Amusement Park



We all eagerly wait for the weekend to come, right?

And why not, after all, it is the only time when we get some relief from our boring and monotonous life. So, how do you plan to spend it? Like a usual day with your loved ones at home? We say, leave everything aside and enjoy your day at Aapno Ghar Water & Amusement Park to know the exact definition of an ideal weekend.

It is said that no age bars one from indulging in what one truly loves. As children, we celebrate nonchalance, togetherness and are least inhibited to let ourselves to adventure, experimentation, and fun. The daily lives in urban cities with all its stress and deadlines tend to take a toll on us. While we may not have the time to plan out a vacation to a beautiful beach, we could definitely spare a weekend to head out to Adventure Park located in Gurgaon. AapnoGhar has adventure activities and thrilling rides that give an adrenaline-pumping experience. Not only that but also offer an opportunity to take a break from our automated lives and go back to the days of human connectedness and organic games that make us one with our natural surroundings and allow our senses to be rejuvenated and kindled.

This dream-land leaves you spoilt for choices for family entertainment. Lush green grounds, adorned with fountains interspersed with 21 joyrides, Aapno Ghar, is an entertainment haven for all those living in Delhi NCR. It has special rides for small kids and musical stage programs and fast food corners such as Baza restaurant. Flying Bob, Jet Plane, Caterpillar, Commando Net, and Columbus are some of the rides that one must try. It also has a resort where outstation people can book rooms for their stay.

Among the many entertainment parks that are rising in the NCR region, it is indeed one of the best places to visit in Gurgaon. Located on Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, Aapno Ghar Water & Amusement Park offers countless options for people to soak in the magic of nature with several rides and slides that are perfect for a full-day excursion.
Spread over an area of 9-acres of land, Aapno Ghar introduces you to adventure, games, and sports with a twist that keeps you get going in life, no matter what. Established in the year 1994, the amusement park boasts of various high-thrill rides and recreational activities that cater to all ages of people. Other than that, there is an action-packed water park that presents equally fascinating water slides for all those who love to play with water.
With so much to see and do, it won’t be wrong to say that you can try something new and different every time you make your presence felt here.

Amusement Park Rides at Aapno Ghar Gurgaon

Combining state-of-the-art facilities with unlimited fun, adventure, and luxury, Aapno Ghar Water & Amusement Park offers plenty of activities for fun seekers, adventure enthusiasts.
Visit Aapno Ghar’s Amusement Park in Gurgaon to experience a life that gives you the courage to face the next-level challenges without any fear or hesitation. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fountains, and unmissable charm, the Amusement Park fills your day with joy and laughter as you try your hand at 21 thrilling rides.


Location: Sector 77, Gurugram, Haryana 122004
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Valentine 2021 celebration at aapnopGhar Resort| Gurugram

Get ready to charm your partner on Special Day.

Let’s be part of Valentine Week at AapnoGhar Resort Gurgaon.  Enjoy a luxury stay or a party full of amazing decor, beautiful ambiance, and great cuisine with the best service to lift your spirits at AapnoGhar with your friends or loved ones.

Aapno Ghar, the resort offers a variety of possibilities for your comfort, relaxation, joyful moments, and recreation with an indo-modern luxury resort within Gurugram. Located on Delhi-Jaipur Expressway.

Spend the entire valentine’s week with your lover to make them feel special and give them what they really deserve. From Rose Day to Kiss Day make every moment count of Valentine at AapnoGhar Resort  Gurgaon.

Best Valentine Venue in Gurgaon | AapnoGhar Resort

Express your love with romantic messages, some pretty gestures, and wishes, and have a stay for Valentine’s Day 2021 Celebration at AapnoGhar Resort. Love is an eternal feeling. So the celebration of love can be done on any day of the year but valentine’s week ensures you give in your best to your beloved. Remember, the Best gifts are the ones that are sentimental and from the heart.

So make sure when you plan it, do it with your all heart like your partner means the world to you like any other important relationship in this universe.

This Valentine Week fall in love with your partner at AapnoGhar

Enjoy Your Dream Valentine with Your Love at AapnoGhar Resort Gurugram

No dreams are completely complete without love in it, and a great partner by your side. If You are planning for Valentine Day Celebration at Aapnoghar Resort Gurgaon. The ideal way to take a break from the daily hustle to relax and enjoy a well deserved holiday at AapnoGhar. The resort has a no. of spacious, luxurious, and graciously appointed rooms.


You can choose from a variety of room categories like Presidential Suite, Suite & Luxury

Among all the venues for Valentine Week in Gurugram, AapnoGhar is considered as one of the best soothings, entertaining places, with a lush green garden area, open gym, cheering food, relaxing rooms, various outdoor, indoor activities, and much more. So don’t miss the chance to celebrate valentine with your partner at AapnoGhar Resort. So Book the dates 7th to 14th February and make your special moments even more special than ever.

Let’s celebrate valentine’s week at AapnoGhar Resort |Must do it for Love.


Why restrict the day and its celebration for the couples only. Even you want to celebrate this day with your friends or even with the best buddy. Do it, in the name of love! As we believe Love is the highest expression of God, the best emotion of life

So this Valentine Week at AapnoGhar Resort Gurgaon!

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