Get Unlimited Entertainment at Aapnoghar – One of the Leading Resort cum Amusement Parks in Gurugram

Resorts are a gateway to the weekend. Liked by both children and adults, a resort offers unlimited fun that no other place can perhaps give. One such amazing resort is Aapnoghar, which is located in the Delhi NCR region. It is best for a full day outing and entertainment with family, friends, or even your colleagues. Located in Gurugram, this resort cum amusement parks is spread at a sprawling 9-acreland area and offers the best in terms of adventure, fun, food, and other activities. So, you need not think more and quickly head towards this fun-filled destination to make your weekend an absolutely fun and memorable one.

Spacious Rooms and Elegant Party Halls

Built in 1994, this well-maintained resort cum amusement parks has 65 big and airy rooms, which provides the utmost comfort to its visitors. The room categories are divided into three, namely family suite, luxury, and deluxe, to suit all types of budgets. The service offered at this resort is one of a kind and gives the best experience to its guests. The resort is a perfect place to host weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, conferences New Year parties, and other functions in its banquet hall, two party lawns, and a private party hall. Aapnoghar also provides customized packages to suit your needs.

Delicious Food

An informal dining area is a major attraction at this resort. A variety of cuisines are offered at the resort, some of which include North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental Food to cater to the Indian guests at large. The bar here serves the finest liquor.

Adventure and Entertainment

This ethno-modern resort also boasts of a high-end amusement and water park. The lush green resort cum amusement parks has 21 thrilling rides and 24 adventure activities suitable for people of all ages. There is a separate area for smaller kids, which has rides and other activities in it. The puppet show, live music, and dance shows are an added bonus.

The water park has a variety of rides such as the turbo twisters, family fun slides, and others, which is sure to get your adrenaline at an all-time high. There are a number of rides for kids too. A large swimming pool with family slides and the rain dance floor is a welcome respite for the heat-stricken guests. However, you must enter the swimming pool only if you are wearing a swimming costume. Outside food is not permitted in the amusement and water park. The in-house restaurant and cafeteria offer a variety of foods to choose from. Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited within the premises of this luxurious resort.

Aapnoghar is considered one of the best resorts in Gurugram. The place offers many opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and rest. It is the perfect destination for all those who are tired of the daily monotonous routine and want a break to relieve the stress and boredom. The mesmerizing beauty of nature, coupled with so many fun activities, is sure to make your weekend a happy and memorable one, which will be cherished by you for a long time to come.

Amazing Ideas of Celebrating Valentine’s Week

The most beautiful week of the year is Valentine’s Week that is most eagerly awaited by lovers all over the world. The six days leading to Valentine’s Day constitute Valentine’s week which starts from 7th February to 14th February. The different days of the Valentine’s week are the Rose Day; Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, the last, and the most important Valentine’s Day. Here are ways on how to celebrate valentine’s week in special and memorable ways.

Rose Day

The first day of the valentine week is celebrated by exchanging roses, which is a symbol of love, beauty, and romance. You can gift a single rose or a bouquet of roses with a small note of love kept inside the basket. You can also decorate your bed with roses to give a surprise to your lover when he enters the room in the night.

Propose Day

On this day, you can propose to your loved one in a beautiful surrounding. It could be valentine party venues in Gurgaon or a restaurant or café. So guys go down on your knees and propose your beloved with a bouquet of flowers or chocolates with a love note written on it.

Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Gifting your lover with the chocolates of his/her choice would bring happiness on their faces. A better idea is to make heart shaped chocolates in the house or bake a chocolate cake or a muffin to show your love and concern for your partner. You can go for a chocolate facial or chocolate spa together to make this day full of fun and extra special.

Teddy Day

Gifting a teddy bear to your loved one is such a cute idea. We all love teddies and getting a teddy from your beloved on this day brings more happiness than receiving it on any other day. In the absence of your lover you can cuddle the teddy and feel better. If you are a crafty person you can make a small teddy bear at home or make chocolates in the shape of a teddy bear.

Promise Day

Make a promise of staying loyal and together to your loved one on this day. This will make your relation strong and full of love.

Hug Day

A warm hug can do wonders for your relation and brighten up your day. A hug is a way of expressing your love and affection to your near and dear ones.

Kiss Day

A long and passionate kiss fills the heart with love and romance and is the sweetest way to express one’s love.

Valentine’s Day

The valentine’s week culminates with Valentine’s Day. There are a number of ways to celebrate valentine’s day. Spend the entire day with your lover to make them feel special. Express your love with romantic messages and wishes throughout the day.

Celebration of love can be done on any day of the year but valentine’s week ensures you give in your best to your beloved.

Five Amazing Decoration Ideas for a Fun Filled Lohri Party

Lohri is one of the most important festivals of Punjabis and Sikhs which is celebrated every year on the 13th of January. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show especially in Northern India. The festival marks the onset of the harvesting season and the bids goodbye to the winter season. Making a huge bonfire is the most important element of celebrating Lohri. One way of celebrating Lohri is by throwing a Lohri party which is a great way to unite family and friends. Below we give you five Lohri party decoration ideas to make the party a grand success.

Colourful decor

Add a dash of tradition to your décor by using the traditional Punjabi items like painted earthenware, colourful bangles, painted empty bottles, khaat, tractors and bicycles. This will add a rich authentic Indian flavour to your Lohri party decoration. Fairy lights, flowers, balloons, pinwheels can be used too in the décor. You can use fire balloons as the bonfire is a tradition of Lohri to decorate the entrance of the lohri party venues in Gurgaon.

Use dupattas

The traditional Punjabi phulkari dupattas with ghungroos can be used to decorate the party venue in a splendid way. Colourful dupattas can be draped around on the walls or can be used as a perfect backdrop for the stage. You can also use them as table cloths. Adding a gota lace to the dupattas makes it more attractive. This method of decoration is cheap yet classy making it a pocket-friendly decoration idea for you.

Hay and khaat

Hay, commonly seen all over Punjab can be used in decorating a Lohri party venue. It is easily affordable and the sombre colour will help balance the colourful outburst in the party hall. You can put hay in empty transparent bottles and hang them or just place them as bunches. The traditional charpol sitting arrangements can be made if the party has no space constraints.The khaat, used in most Punjabi households to sit or sleep can be decorated and placed in the party venue to give an overall Punjabi look and feel.


Lohri is celebrated by flying kites which is a popular past time activity for many Punjabi youths. Kite can be used to decorate the party venue to add colour and a rustic touch to the party. You can hang the kites or just stick them around on the walls or the entrance. Select the size of your kites based on the party venue.

Lohri photo camp

You can place a photo booth where the guests can come one by one and get their photos clicked in the decorated photo booth. A professional photographer can be hired to remove instant photos and give it as a return gift to the guests.

The above ideas for a Lohri party decoration can add colour and pomp to the party which will be remembered by the guests for many years.


Five Tips To Make Your Holi Party A Success

Holi is a major Indian festival that brings with it fun and excitement. The smearing and splashing of colours and water guns bring positivity, love, and cheerfulness. Holi is no longer limited to the Hindus to welcome the spring season; it is celebrated by people of all religions in India. You can celebrate the festival of colours in myriad ways. Throwing a Holi party at home or in the office can be one such great way of celebrating Holi in a fun and vibrant way. Here we give you five things to keep in mind while organizing a Holi party.


Deciding the venue for the party is the most important factor when deciding on how to throw a Holi party. If your home or office (if it’s a party for the employees/colleagues) is big enough to accommodate the number of guests that you intend to invite then that can be the perfect venue for the Holi bash. There are many holi party venues in Gurgaon that you can choose from. If due to space constraints home or office cannot be the venues, you can book a party hall in a banquet. When deciding on a venue keep in mind its location and easy accessibility to all, parking facilities and the number of guests it can accommodate.

Sending invitation

You need to make a list of the number of guests that you plan to invite be it family friends’ colleagues or neighbors. Deciding on the guest list is important to help you fix your budget. Once the guest list is ready, then plan on the design of the invitation card. A formal printed invitation card should be delivered well in advance to all the guests. Don’t forget to send them a reminder a night before the party to avoid absentees.


Your budget is another factor in determining whether you want a grand party or a small scale party with limited invitees. Deciding on the decoration, guest list, return gifts, food and beverages,helpers and the post party cleaning of the venue, depends on the budget. Making a budget makes planning systematic and well organized.

Food and beverages

A party without some lip-smacking food is no fun. A major part of the money goes to food. You can hire a caterer to arrange for the food or you can also get food ordered online at the party venue. Food should be planned according to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences of the guests.

Fun factor

Decorations, games, and music is an integral part while planning a holi party. Holi decorations can be colourful and vibrant to justify the essence of the festival. Games can add that extra fun and excitement to the party. Return gifts to the guests would make them feel extra special.

Good planning and implementing the above ideas for holi party ensure the party is a grand success. Guests will go back home happy, cherishing the memories of the fun-filled holi party for a long time to come.

Things To Decide While Planning For A Child’s Birthday Party

Birthdays are special to each one of us. However, it is more special for kids who wait all year round for their birthday to arrive. Every kid fancies of having a birthday party done on their birthday. A kid’s birthday party is always full of fun and excitement as kids love to be entertained. However to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one you need to decide the kids birthday party venues and the following things:

Choosing a theme

Let the theme for the birthday party be decided by the child. It can be his favorite cartoon character, superhero characters or well-known personalities. Themes like Barbie, princess and fairy-tale characters are usually preferred by girls. Choosing the theme as per the likes of your child ensures he or she will enjoy the party to the fullest.

Guest list

Deciding on whom to invite for the birthday party is the next important step. Your child’s friends and teachers will top the list of guests. Family and relatives come second. You can also invite the kid’s mothers if the children invited are too small to be left alone. Preparing the guest list also helps you fix a budget for the birthday party.

Choosing a venue

The venue will be based on the number of guests invited. The home can be a good birthday party venue if a limited number of people are called. However, if the guests list is too long, children’s party venues in Gurgaon can be chosen.

Sending invitation

You can choose the design and layout of an invitation card based on the theme. It is important to send the invitation cards a few days prior to the party.


Decoration will be based on the theme that you decide. You can hire a decorator if the party is on a big scale or do it yourself if it requires very little work to be done. Balloons are a must in every party. Let the balloons, confetti, streamers, tablecloth, lightings, character cut outs, props be based on the theme to give it a complete look.


The lip-smacking food is a must in every party. Kids love junk food like chips burgers, pizzas, and ice creams. A theme based cake would be delightful. Food can be ordered online or you can hire a caterer for it. If the guest list is small and limited, you can even prepare the food at home.

Games and activities

No birthday party is complete without games and activities, which is the main attraction of a party. You can also arrange for a magic show or a comedy show which would add fun to the birthday party. Kids love dancing and no birthday party is complete without some good music and dance.

The above mentioned kids birthday party ideas if implemented can result in a successful and happy birthday party of your child. You can now give your child the birthday party that he always dreamt of.

How to Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

Weddings are once in a lifetime and it is one of the most important and precious days of our lives. Planning for a wedding starts from many months in advance. You want everything to be perfect on the big day so you make sure each and every aspect of the wedding is planned out properly. One such important thing to decide while planning a wedding is the venue which is a difficult task as there are many things to consider when choosing a perfect marriage venue. Listed below are some guidelines on how to choose a wedding venue.

 Number of Invitees

A marriage venue in Gurgaon will be decided upon the number of guests you intend to invite. If the guest list is a long one, you will need a bigger venue to avoid cramping of the guests. If a limited number of people are invited a small venue would do the needful. Make sure the venue has the sitting and dining arrangements for all the guests.


The budget plays a very important role in deciding the marriage venue. Compare prices of different venues offering the same facilities. There is no point in choosing a venue that is beyond your budget. It will only cause disappointment and will be a waste of time. Hence it is better to search the price of the venues suitable to your budget, in advance.


If your wedding date is fixed already, you need to check if the venue you are looking for is available to accommodate you and your guests on your wedding day. You can check their availability dates online or by sending them an enquiry on their email or simply by calling them over the phone. Sometimes you fix your wedding date based on the availability of the venue you have selected.


The location of the venue plays a vital role. If your venue is out of the way for too many people, you may encounter too many absentees on your wedding day. If the venue is centrally located and easily accessible to all with adequate transport facilities, you will have a full guest attendance on your big day.

Other facilities offered

make sure the venue offers the post-wedding cleanup facility. Arrangements of the dining area and washroom facilities should be checked. Check to see if the wedding venue has an in-built play area for kids so that parents can relax and enjoy the wedding while their kids are busy playing.

Also, check to see if the venue has a backup plan for you in case of an emergency. If due to any reasons the wedding has to pre-pone or postpone, the manager of the venue should be able to provide this facility.

Keep in mind the above things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Narrow down your search to two or three venues and make sure to visit the venue prior to finalizing it to check if everything that you wanted is offered by them.

Five Unique Places to Celebrate New Year in India

In a few days from now, the dawn of 2020 will be making an entry into our lives. It will be time to bid a farewell to 2019 and welcome a new year.Parties, merrymaking, and unlimited is what we all think of. If you are thinking of wrapping up the year in some style then make a tour to India. India is home to some beautiful places so why not travel within the realms of the country to give the New Year a feisty and hearty welcome. We have selected five unique places to celebrate New Year in India with great pomp and fanfare.

Goa- Also known as the Las Vegas of India, Goa, with its exotic beaches, rave parties, New Year carnivals, cheap beer,and amazing sea food it can be a perfect New Year destination. Goa is also said to have a wide range of animal life and an amazing nightlife which can be a dream destination for people especially youngsters. Firework display on New Year’s Eve in this coastal town is worth watching. You can let your hair down, dance to the tunes of jazz and hip-hop all night long and have the best time of your lives.Goa is indeed a very happening New Year destination in India.

Gangtok-This is a hill station in Sikkim known for its scenic beauty and the wide range of activities that it allows to the tourists. For all those who love hills,trekking,cool temperatures, and natural beauty, Gangtok would be an ideal place to visit. The place offers fantastic views of sunrise and sunset which can be captured in photography. Gangtok and its surrounding areas are so clean and well-kept that it’s often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the east’. Spending the New Year in such a beautiful location would be an enriching experience.

Udaipur-Also known as the city of Lakes Udaipur offers the most exotic beauty together with its historical significance. It’s well known for its palaces, handcrafted goods and a varied wildlife. It’s often compared to Kashmir for its natural and man-made beauty.

Mumbai-The Economic capital of India known for its beaches,food, and nightlife and shopping can be a great city to experience the New Year.The city can accommodate anyone and is the epitome of the rags to riches story of so many celebrities. From slums and poverty stricken areas to high rises in Colaba and Walkeshwar which houses some of India’s wealthiest people, from the roadside Wada paw to the high end restaurants, Mumbai has everything to offer. You can dance away for the entire night in some of Mumbai’s posh clubs.

Pondicherry-It’s famous for the beach side parties on New Year’s Eve. The beaches are so well decorated and fireworks and bonfire run through the entire night. Dancing, partying drinking, and other celebrations continue until the wee hours of the New Year on the streets of Pondicherry.

If you want something near Delhi, you can find a lot of good resorts for New Year party in Gurgaon also. Make the best use of the year-end holidays. Plan the vacation in advance with whoever you plan to go with. End the year with a beautiful and fun filled vacation which you will cherish forever.

5 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is special. It shows the love, care, passion, and romance that you have celebrated with your better half all through the years. Wedding anniversary is a significant milestone which can be celebrated in a number of ways. It’s a way of telling your partner that you love them now and will always love them for the rest of your lives. It’s a day to be celebrated be it in a grand or a small way. Here are some ideas for a surprise wedding anniversary.

Plan a trip-Plan a surprise trip for your partner. It may be a day long trip to a resort like the wedding anniversary party venues in Gurgaon or a few days trip to the mountains or the beach side. If you have kids keep them with a relative or a nanny .The two of you can relive your pre wedding days and enjoy the romance which is so difficult to get in today’s fast paced life. With kids taking up most of our time, we hardly have time for our spouses so make the most of this opportunity.

Throw a party-You can make a list for surprise party ideas for your wedding anniversary. Call family and friends over at your home or throw a party in a banquet hall, depending on your budget. Hire a caterer for the food or you can also order food online if the party is in the house. Bake a wedding anniversary cake. A homemade cake is more special than the one brought from the market. You can twin with your partner by wearing the same coloure dattire.

For example if you are wearing a red and black gown, make sure he wears a red and black combination too. With some good music, dance,decor, and sumptuous food the party will be remembered by the guests for a long time to come.

Relive your marriage-You can make a collage of all your pre wedding days,wedding,honeymoon,your first pregnancy, the arrival of your first child and so on. I am sure your partner would love seeing this and you can talk your way through each picture, reminiscing the good old times and treasure it for a lifetime. Hang it on your room wall to surprise him.

Decorate the bed-The wedding anniversary night can be spent in a romantic style. You can decorate your bed with rose petals strewn all over and keep a basket of roses on the bed ready with a love note tucked inside it to profess your love for your partner. Wearing sexy lingerie and spending some cosy moments in the bed can make a great wedding anniversary.

Engaging in his/her favourite pastime-In the era of the rat race that has the time to do their favourite past time activities,you can go for your partner’s hobby be it gardening, watching movies, cooking, or anything else. It’s a great way to show that you care for each other’s happiness.

Wedding anniversaries are special as they give us a chance to express our love for our partner. Celebrate the love and romance to stay united forever. Make this day special so that you can remember it for years to come.

What Goes into Planning for a Corporate Christmas Party?

It’s that time of the year when Christmas is eagerly awaited by everyone as it offers various reasons to celebrate. Christmas coupled with the year-end celebration gives you a chance to party for days and even weeks. Moreover, who doesn’t like parties and if it’s a corporate Christmas party it’s a bonus to its employees. Planning a Christmas party needs a detailed planning. Here we give you a few tips to plan a corporate Christmas Party.

Deciding venue-the first thing to be kept in mind when deciding on how to plan a corporate Christmas party is the choice of venue of the party which depends on your budget and the number of invitees. However it is preferred not to throw the party in the office of company building so that the employees get another environment and not the same routine environment in which they have been working daily. While selecting the venue be it a Christmas party venue in Gurgaon or anywhere else, it is important to keep in mind the convenience of all the employees in reaching the venue.

Deciding theme-Why not surprise your staff with a splash of creativity and imagination. You can set up a theme for the party and also a dress code for all the invitees. Men and women in black, Red and white or a Santa-look a-like dress code would add some fun.Everything from the decor to the food and games would be related to the theme. You can decide the theme on your own or collaborate with an event planner.

Invitations- After fixing a suitable date, it’s now time to make the announcement to the staff. You can send a one on one invitation personally or a group invitation via email, text messages or a more formal invitation through the card. Jazz up the invitation card and mention all details like date time and venue. Do not forget to send a reminder to all a day before the party.

Deciding food- one important step while deciding on the menu is the food preference of the people invited. If there are vegetarians and non-vegetarians, then both types of menu will have to be included. You can choose a caterer who In turn will give you the food selection option from their menu which makes your task easy and simple. If you do not want to hire a caterer then you can get food of your choice delivered online to the venue

 Entertainment-Make a list of the ways to entertain your employees. You can have a stand-up comedian, a singer, belly dancers, magicians, or a funny play enacted. Good music is a must to add to the ambiance of the party.

A corporate Christmas party is a great way to create a sense of team spirit within the employees and to show their acknowledgement to its staff for their hard work and dedication to help flourish the business. At the end of the party don’t forget to take feedback from each one so that you can plan an even better party next year .The employees will go home happy and relaxed and will be waiting for the new year to get back to work.

Five Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Marriage Venue

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The day when you tie the knot with your dream partner gives you enough reasons to celebrate the day with great pomp and fare. A number of factors are taken into consideration when planning for the D-Day like the wedding attire, invitation cards,food, decor,wedding cake, and most importantly the marriage venue. Once the marriage venue is selected, everything else falls into place. How to choose the perfect marriage venue is rudimentary in planning the grand occasion as that will be the place of gathering for all your family and friends to celebrate your important day. Here we look into a few important points to find the perfect marriage venue.

Based on your style– A wedding venue is decided based on the style of wedding you want.Whether you want a grand wedding or just a small family affair, an outdoor marriage venue or an indoor venue, old fashioned and stereotyped wedding or glamorous wedding, determines the type of venue you choose. You can also opt for a destination wedding venue.

Budget-Choose a venue that suits your budget. Apart from the rent of the space, you have to take into consideration the cost per plate of food, the decor, and theme as all this will shoot up your expense. It is estimated that the venue and catering collectively contribute to nearly half of the total wedding expenditure be it a resort in Gurgaon or a simple marriage hall.

Guest count– The number of invitees in the marriage play a major role in determining the venue of the wedding. There is a seating capacity in any marriage venue. There is a considerable difference in rent between a venue that can accommodate 100 guests and another than can let in 1000 people. You can take confirmation of attendance from the guests prior a wedding to get the exact figure which may help you in deciding on your venue.

Easy accessibility-It’s always better to choose a wedding venue in a location which is nearby and accessible to all. For example if u have foreign guests den you may go for a location close to the airport having easy accommodation and sightseeing facilities to the guests. Easy transportation facilities for all from the venue should also be kept in mind so that those who will be using public transports should not face any problem.

Facilities for guests – It is very important to check the facilities offered by the venue manager to your guests like parking, adequate water supply, neat and clean toilet and extrachairs. After all, the guests must go back happy with fond memories to cherish for lifetime.

Now that you have chosen a perfect wedding venue in Gurgaon or any other place, it’s time for you to sit down and relax. A right and good venue also excites and motivates people to attend a wedding. If the venue is not at the right place or of the correct ambience, many guests may not turn up. Hence plan your venue carefully, few months in advance and make your wedding a fairy-tale one.