How to Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

Weddings are once in a lifetime and it is one of the most important and precious days of our lives. Planning for a wedding starts from many months in advance. You want everything to be perfect on the big day so you make sure each and every aspect of the wedding is planned out properly. One such important thing to decide while planning a wedding is the venue which is a difficult task as there are many things to consider when choosing a perfect marriage venue. Listed below are some guidelines on how to choose a wedding venue.

 Number of Invitees

A marriage venue in Gurgaon will be decided upon the number of guests you intend to invite. If the guest list is a long one, you will need a bigger venue to avoid cramping of the guests. If a limited number of people are invited a small venue would do the needful. Make sure the venue has the sitting and dining arrangements for all the guests.


The budget plays a very important role in deciding the marriage venue. Compare prices of different venues offering the same facilities. There is no point in choosing a venue that is beyond your budget. It will only cause disappointment and will be a waste of time. Hence it is better to search the price of the venues suitable to your budget, in advance.


If your wedding date is fixed already, you need to check if the venue you are looking for is available to accommodate you and your guests on your wedding day. You can check their availability dates online or by sending them an enquiry on their email or simply by calling them over the phone. Sometimes you fix your wedding date based on the availability of the venue you have selected.


The location of the venue plays a vital role. If your venue is out of the way for too many people, you may encounter too many absentees on your wedding day. If the venue is centrally located and easily accessible to all with adequate transport facilities, you will have a full guest attendance on your big day.

Other facilities offered

make sure the venue offers the post-wedding cleanup facility. Arrangements of the dining area and washroom facilities should be checked. Check to see if the wedding venue has an in-built play area for kids so that parents can relax and enjoy the wedding while their kids are busy playing.

Also, check to see if the venue has a backup plan for you in case of an emergency. If due to any reasons the wedding has to pre-pone or postpone, the manager of the venue should be able to provide this facility.

Keep in mind the above things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Narrow down your search to two or three venues and make sure to visit the venue prior to finalizing it to check if everything that you wanted is offered by them.

Five Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Marriage Venue

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The day when you tie the knot with your dream partner gives you enough reasons to celebrate the day with great pomp and fare. A number of factors are taken into consideration when planning for the D-Day like the wedding attire, invitation cards,food, decor,wedding cake, and most importantly the marriage venue. Once the marriage venue is selected, everything else falls into place. How to choose the perfect marriage venue is rudimentary in planning the grand occasion as that will be the place of gathering for all your family and friends to celebrate your important day. Here we look into a few important points to find the perfect marriage venue.

Based on your style– A wedding venue is decided based on the style of wedding you want.Whether you want a grand wedding or just a small family affair, an outdoor marriage venue or an indoor venue, old fashioned and stereotyped wedding or glamorous wedding, determines the type of venue you choose. You can also opt for a destination wedding venue.

Budget-Choose a venue that suits your budget. Apart from the rent of the space, you have to take into consideration the cost per plate of food, the decor, and theme as all this will shoot up your expense. It is estimated that the venue and catering collectively contribute to nearly half of the total wedding expenditure be it a resort in Gurgaon or a simple marriage hall.

Guest count– The number of invitees in the marriage play a major role in determining the venue of the wedding. There is a seating capacity in any marriage venue. There is a considerable difference in rent between a venue that can accommodate 100 guests and another than can let in 1000 people. You can take confirmation of attendance from the guests prior a wedding to get the exact figure which may help you in deciding on your venue.

Easy accessibility-It’s always better to choose a wedding venue in a location which is nearby and accessible to all. For example if u have foreign guests den you may go for a location close to the airport having easy accommodation and sightseeing facilities to the guests. Easy transportation facilities for all from the venue should also be kept in mind so that those who will be using public transports should not face any problem.

Facilities for guests – It is very important to check the facilities offered by the venue manager to your guests like parking, adequate water supply, neat and clean toilet and extrachairs. After all, the guests must go back happy with fond memories to cherish for lifetime.

Now that you have chosen a perfect wedding venue in Gurgaon or any other place, it’s time for you to sit down and relax. A right and good venue also excites and motivates people to attend a wedding. If the venue is not at the right place or of the correct ambience, many guests may not turn up. Hence plan your venue carefully, few months in advance and make your wedding a fairy-tale one.

Fun Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up the Wedding Venue

When it comes to wedding, wedding lighting is without any doubt one of the most underestimated elements. However, it is important to note that lighting is of utmost importance as it sets the overall mood for your wedding and enables you to show off all the finer details you have spent months thinking about. In addition, you will want your guests to be able to enjoy their dance floor and the food properly, and you will want your photos to be beautiful. All of these things cannot be done with insufficient or poor lighting. If you are not sure where to begin, do not know what to ask a lighting designer, or just require some inspiration to fit your wedding style, this guide will assist you every step.

Some fun ways to light up your wedding:

  • Colour-washed reception walls

Light up the walls of your venue with your wedding colours. They can be motionless or you can switch up the hues all through the evening during vital moments (e.g. the first dance, the cake-cutting). This will offer a fun and unanticipated touch to make your wedding that much more lively.

  • Light up only your venue columns or trees

They will offer a soft, inviting happiness that will make your guests feel at   home.

  • Line Up Lanterns

A row of illuminated lanterns offers light for an open-air dinner, while also setting the sight for the dance floor.

  • Include coloured lighting

Lights do not have to be white, in fact you can use coloured ones to offer even more contrast. People with certainly appreciate this look as it offers just enough wow factor for a smaller, more close wedding.

  • Hang String Lights

This is certainly the most popular idea for lighting up any wedding space and venue, they are pocket-friendly, you can get a lot and you can use them in diverse ways hanging and wrapping them everywhere. They fit any venues, spaces and wedding styles, and carry much light within, apart from, string lights mix with lanterns, candles, and chandeliers so you can make use of diverse combos, as well. Hang them in rows or vertically to create a romantic wedding setting for the ceremony. You can also hang those creating huge canopies, wrap beams and pillars of the venue and create all types of shapes you like.

  • Chandeliers

These are very much popular when it comes to decorating wedding venue. Get some stunning crystal chandeliers, perhaps extra-large ones, for marking your wedding area, or the dance floor, or to make your event space more glam. Large crystal chandeliers make any space cooler and edgier, and will fit any area.

  • Use lights to make the piece of decor stand out

In case there is a showpiece that you actually want to show up then you can drape a cable or two of lights just about your statement piece and switch them on later in the evening.

So, if you are planning how to light up your wedding ideas, you can seek help from the above-mentioned points. You can even use these lights to brighten up the garden for wedding in Gurgaon.

How to plan a fun-filled sangeet ceremony?

One of the most significant pre-wedding events is the Sangeet. This is a celebration of coming together of the two families in the amalgamation of their children. The ceremony offers break from all the frantic significance of the wedding preparations. Women of the family gather several days before the wedding day with spoons and dolaks, encircle the bride and sing customary wedding songs. Songs range from about everyday life of women to teasing the bride about her imminent wedding and her groom. There would be dancing as well, with the women of the household dancing away together with the bride taking part with gusto. Earlier, it used to last for a few days, but these days it mostly last for a day, and at times one evening.

When it comes to planning a sangeet, the sky is the limit. There are no set rules and you can empty out all your bridal dreams if you have a lenient budget. The clothing one chooses for the sangeet is one of the best in the trousseau, second to the wedding outfit. But unlike the wedding outfit, one can experiment here with numerous designs and styles. The bride may choose to wear a dress rather than a saree or lehenga, and even if she is wearing a lehenga she can go with any cut, color or design. The groom and other men may wear Indo-western attires or Kurta Pajamas.

  • You can make the sangeet ceremony extra special by extending invites only to close relatives and friends who are actually close to you.
  • If you are thinking about how to start mehendi function in between the sangeet, you can plan some fascinating and fun games associated with the wedding to enjoy laughter and lighter moments.
  • Search for mehendi artists who not only apply wonderful mehendi on the hands and legs of the bride but are also available for friends and relatives applying mehendi on their hands at a very economical cost.
  • Keep the menu straightforward and add a lot of kebabs and chaats to make it interesting. Finger foods go flawlessly well for such ceremonies.
  • For sangeet ceremony, plan something unique. Parents and relatives can arrange a short skit where they can show the growing up of their kids to the day they have selected their partners and get married.
  • You can have a groom and bride dance performances with each side challenging the other. It is sure to bring a lot of excitement and fun for the ceremony.
  • Hire a professional photographer so that you have a lot of memories of this magnificent day to be cherished forever.

When choosing the sangeet venues in Gurgaon, keep in mind the convenience of your as well as your partner’s families and friends. Make sufficient arrangements for the drinks, appetisers, and dinner. There should be plenty of space for the dance performances as well.

Remember that the grand and entertaining affair must come to an end at a given time. The sangeet should not be more than an hour or 90 minutes at max. After that, people start getting uninterested.



6 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

Most of us plan of having a dreamy wedding ever since we are teenagers. While our young minds have our dresses, makeup and shoes planned in our head, an essential element often escaped our mind. The wedding venue! Come time, we have no clue about how to find the perfect one for taking the vows. So, we have come with these tips for choosing a wedding venue.

  • Plan your budget

Even before looking for places, the first thing you must do is to fix a budget you want to splurge on the venue. This is one of the most important elements of your wedding if not the most important. Try to fix a range you are comfortable to spend and stick with it throughout.

  • Figure out your guest list

After budget, comes the number of people who will be attending your wedding. The expanse of your wedding venue will be solely depending upon this number. On an average we can say that a single wedding guest can consume about 12 to 25 square feet. Now, you will have to do the mathyourself to find a place that can fit everyone very comfortably.

  • Consider the weather

Be sure of what kind of weather conditions will be lurking in the area during the time of your wedding. You can have beautiful outdoor wedding during the drier months of the year when there will be no chance of a sudden shower to dampen the mood. However, during the scorching summer of Gurgaon, we suggest choosing wedding venue which is completely air conditioned so the bride’s makeup won’t be melting off in the heat and everyone can have a good time even when the air is scorching outside. 

  • Do not decide the colour theme before the venue

The venue plays a major role in deciding the colour these you want to have in a wedding. A cohesive colour theme will elevate the décor to the next level. We suggest going for bright funky colours to adorn an open place and sticking to a pastel theme (which, by the way is super on trend) for indoor wedding. A lighter colour story will only make the venue feel open and larger.

  • Your venue should be more than just a hall

Most Indian weddings these days will have a number of functions and parties even before the wedding takes place. Make sure the venue you pick can help you with enough space to celebrate these parties.

  • An open garden for the haldi ceremony with proper washrooms
  • A pool for a cocktail party
  • A spacious dance floor 

These are some of the spaces within a venue you should be paying close attention to.

  • Do not settle for the first venue

Look into about three to five venues before settling for the one that ticks off all the boxes. One easy way to compare the venues is to click pictures and videos of the place. This will give you a second look at the end of the day for comparison. So, you pick the best wedding venues in Gurgaon for your wedding.

Here’s How to Make the Mehndi Ceremony Memorable

Fascinating decor, upbeat music and vivid colours, Mehndi function is the most fun-centric among all the events. Organising some amusing activities for your guests will make this ceremony one to memorize. These will entail each member there and will be a bright means to bond with your loved ones.  Here is a list of fascinating Mehndi ideas that are hassle-free to arrange and are sure to be loved by all your guests.

Tips on how to make mehndi memorable

  • Look for a proper venue

This is the most important step which cannot be taken carelessly. Few people get the occasion organized in their houses while some choose an outdoor site. The booking of the mehndi function venue in Gurgaon should be done beforehand so that last minute rush can be prevented. Take a tour of the venue and its surroundings. Find out if the location can be accessible easily, whether it will provide all the basic amenities such as parking, extra rooms, easy approach road, water supply, electricity, room service, etc.

  • Booking the Venue as per the Budget allotted for the Function

Budget for all function for the wedding is decided in advance. This is an important part as it assists in proper allocation of the money necessary to hold every party with total clarity. Bring in new ideas to make the event memorable. Great creativity and ideas can be at work by the specialists. Games and fun activities can be organised which will call for engagement of all current guests and hosts in the event. This is an outstanding way to make sure bonding between the two families.

  • Photo booth and props

One of the best tips for mehndi function is to create an ‘Insta’ area with diverse props, frames, idiosyncratic placards and stunning backgrounds where your guests can take amusing pictures. You can even organize for cameras for instant printing of those loved moments. This is a popular Mehndi function idea that is available readily.

  • Amusing Food Stalls

Think about including distinctive food stations and combinations to satisfy all the foodies. Live sushi bars, teppanyaki counters, and chocolate fountain, make your own pizza, gourmet popcorn, customisable waffle counter, give the crowd what they prefer the most and expect the least. One of the great Mehndi function ideas would be to comprise the childhood favourites for reminiscence – Barf ka Gola, cotton candy, Bhelpuri, etc.

  • DJ and Dance Floor

Having a fun planned music system with accessories and the specialist who can play the music is the trend in the parties. The DJ can make the party cool and make everybody present there dance to their tunes. The groom and the bride can also have a performance which will be like icing on the cake.

Apart from this, as the day is expected to see an excess of mehndi, you can put it to good use. Use the additional mehndi to decorate the guests’ hands. This can be amusing and some can go house with a stunning design.